Street Fighter 5 Chun Li & Cammy DLC Costumes Gameplay

The content, which is available today, includes costumes, a new stage, and more, and will be accessible for a limited time before being removed near the end of November, before the Capcom Cup.

Chun-Li – Capcom Cup Collection ($5.99)
Cammy – Capcom Cup Collection ($5.99)
Ring of Destiny – Official Capcom Pro Tour Stage ($9.99)

[Capcom Pro Tour Bundle ($24.99)
Three costumes
Chun-Li Capcom Cup Collection
Cammy Capcom Cup Collection
Mystery Costume
One stage
Ring of Destiny
One exclusive Capcom Pro Tour-themed color option for all 22 characters
One new color for each of the 16 launch characters and six DLC characters
Two Exclusive Titles
“Capcom Cup 2016”
“Capcom Pro Tour 2016”]

E3 2016 Trailers:

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