Star Fox 2 SNES Classic Edition – Gameplay Walkthrough (Super Nintendo) + Final Boss

Star Fox 2 received its first official release as part of the Mini Snes Classic Edition on September 29, 2017.

The game can be unlocked by beating the first level of Star Fox, also included on the system.

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62 thoughts on “Star Fox 2 SNES Classic Edition – Gameplay Walkthrough (Super Nintendo) + Final Boss”

    • Starfox 2 was near completion but was scrapped because the N64 was getting ready to release in a few months so the team created Starfox 64z

    • Lurchipoo It was primarily because the PlayStation had just come out so people would be comparing the game to PS1 so Nintendo came to the decision to cancel it

  1. Does it matter what level you pick first or just keep Corneria from being damaged by defeating all the levels then Andross?

  2. Starfox 2 could have been a contender for Greatest Super NES game of all Time or at least Top 5 All Time had it released 🏆 🔥

    • no, different translation. Fans had to translate the beta as it was only in Japanese, whereas this uses the official translation that's gone unreleased until now.

  3. Star Fox 2 being better than Star Fox 64? Thats a bit of a stretch, Star Fox 64 is the 2nd best in the series with the first game being the top best ofc.

    • I agree, my favorite was star fox 64 but now I enjoyed more star fox 2 than 64, kinda shorter than 64, but still more enjoyable for me

  4. Way too short, and without all the aspects and proper level length that made star fox 1 very fun. No secrets? No asteroid belts? Like 2 bosses total, and they were less detailed or lengthy fights than star fox 1?This was like a lengthy demo of how awesome the super fx chip could make SNES graphics.


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