Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails go all out in their super forms to take out Eggman.

Sonic Mania Playlist:

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Sonic Mania All Bosses | Sonic vs Metal Sonic + Eggman | & Knuckles Boss Battles

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  1. Thats so nice, i didnt know Knuckles will be part of the extra fight. Im only on the Sonic part, not the others yet.

    • There's a reason why it's Sonic, tails and knuckles. Because that's an era people fondly remember, the original style of Genesis games. Including Shadow and Silver completely defeats the purpose. But hey maybe they should have included The Werehog, Storm the Albatross and Mephiles the Dark, I bet you would you have liked that too 🙄 😂😂

  2. But its weird when i played the Final Boss as tails i had al the Emeralds but i dind't fight against the robo king and eggman


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