Marvelous has reveal Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura for Nintendo Switch and it’ll support HD rumble.

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  1. This is fucking disgusting. More proof of how autistic weaboos will by anything that is made from the Glorious Land of the Japs. Even the same braindead Nintenfaggots.

    • Derek Stronf Derek I will never forget that phrase. You have to respect him on general principle because of that and he has no shame which makes me respect him more. XD

  2. Knew it was coming, didn't expect to hear about it this soon.


    • NapalmMan10 considering they showed Asuka in the picture instead of Yumi's, and the last Nintendo game didn't feature Gessen or New Hebi, I have high hopes.

    • they might move away from plastation now… story driven senran kagura was on 3ds, the more fanservicey beat em ups on ps3/4. now… they can just make one.

    • +Tohka Yatogami​
      The only real thing left on playstation worth my time thats not on PC… is persona at this point. Since nier is on pc, and disgaea just came out.

      Also senran kagura's fun and colorfulness fits better with ninty.

  3. Who thought senran devs wouldn't do that after getting a freaking letter, should rethink their life.
    Guess Switch got two games i want already…

  4. never been interested in these hardcore weeb games but as someone who likes big boobs, I might have to pick this game up on switch, just for the HD rumble  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • it's really not tho, sure it Japanese but it appeals to a wide veriaty of people, just like there are lots of ppl who don't like anime who play Pokemon

    • +ChoZen 1 I'd advise that you ignore him that he's clearly here just to troll Senran Kagura fans (as if his name wasn't a dead giveaway).

      Chances are that a "weeb" touched him when he was a kid, thus he's triggered by anything Japanese or anime. :^)

    • P trick Bevause it takes a long ass time for Xseed to localize these games. They usually don't do it until they come out in Japan first.

    • P trick it was in the japanese version, most likely because its way too early for them to consider an english release yet

  5. Look like a date game, because the asuka artwork look like give a love gift for the player

    • Tohka Yatogami im thinking its just some artwork they put together because its too early in development

  6. This just made my entire week. Never thought they'd be announcing Senran Kagura info this early in the Switch's lifespan.

  7. why a game like this? Oh yeah they are stationed in
    Japan. When I bought my switch, I was expecting a more popular Wii U but I was wrong. It's going to be SUPER popular because they just expanded the fan base to weebs worldwide. Good job Nintendo. Oh wait never mind. They decreased the fan base by ALL PARENTS WORLDWIDE.

    • Marap Lapgan parental control is a solution for younger audience bowser is so cautious.

  8. Well…Senran Kagura's rise did start with Nintendo on the 3DS…So they had to return to Nintendo somehow…

    • Senran kagura did not even leave nintendo. Those Senran kagura game what are in Sony's consoles and PC's are just a spin off Senran kagura games, ,main Senran kagura games where always Nintendo exclusives.

  9. Too bad it's another bloody spinoff. A glorified VN game with a gimmick if you will. Hopefully Senran Kagura 7 will be better than this.

  10. I guess that's one reason why parents want to get that nintendo switch patent control app

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