PS4 PRO Revealed, All Gameplay From PlayStation Meeting 2016 | PlayStation 4 Pro 4K HDR Gaming $399

Sony reveals PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K HDR gaming for $399; it upgrades the 3 year old PS4 hardware with a much faster processor, support for 4k res, and better graphics. It releases on November 10th, and it will be priced at $399. The PS4 Pro was known as PS4 Neo before its name got changed.

Sony also increased the clock rate for the new Playstation Pro. It will also arrive with a 1TB HD.

Selected PS4 games will have enhanced graphics to take full advantage of the Playstation 4 Pro. Games like Modern Warfare: Remastered & Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be able to support Playstation 4 Pro’s extra capabilities on day 1, while other games will be supported much later this year.

PS4 Pro will also improve the PlayStation VR experience; It will increase the crispness of views, up the frame-rate, & a lot more.
Microsoft is anticipated to launch Scorpio in fall 2017.

Super Mario Run Gameplay Preview:

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