Empoleon will be a playable character in the arcade version of Pokken Tournament.

Empoleon is a Water and Steel-type Pokemon

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  1. it's just the arcade cycle, characters come to arcade 1st, console later. This is so the arcade machines are actually profitable for awhile since if the characters went to console the same time as arcade no one would go to the arcades. Also remember that we waited 9 months for the Wii U port in the 1st place. Not to mention files for all the dlc characters were added to the Wii U version last patch we had (found by data miners) so it's just a matter of when we get the characters

  2. For some reason I want to see porygon – Z in this, just to see what they would do with it

  3. I dream of a full fledged console version of the rpg, but with these fighting mechanics.

  4. niddle nicky lil fiddler stood on top of a tree i told him i want three cuz this is great let the man know i like his game but im kind 0of sort of taking ownership to a new level on this doomed demise disguise of self taught lovely occuring life

  5. I love Pokken but I feel so ripped off, the roster is too small and many of my favorite Pokemon aren't even in…Empoleon is an excellent example of a favorite missing from the core game. I hope they're free DLC or at least DLC packs at reasonable prices, if not I might just have to wait for the Switch version which hopefully will have them all in by default.

    • I AM JAMES Nope, not unless they make more room for characters, otherwise this is the last one.

  6. this is so fake.this guy edited the video.i have the game and this pokemon is not in my game.this is a fake update.i still did not get the update


  8. I still don't know why they added Empoleon instead of Infernape, Infernape would have been so much better.

  9. am I the only one who's reminded of Greninjas final smash when seeing Empoleons synergy attack…

  10. Is it me or do these pokemon have the same voice actors? xP Awesome tho. I wish the paste of the Arcade would be as persistent for the Wii U and the Switch (If there gonna make the switch version)

  11. Empoleon was the 1st starter I fully evolved (my 1st game was Diamond–Swampert is my fav. fully evolved starter though). I like him, but since he's water/steel, he should've had just as many steel-type moves as water ones. I was expecting his flipper to maybe turn to steel when he struck with it a few times, or @ least his beak.

  12. Glad they chose Empoleon over Greninja honestly. Greninja is already in a fighting game (Smash) and would be overplayed to death by prepubescent fanboys. Give another water starter a chance in the spotlight I say

  13. I swear the voice actor for empoleon is the same voice actor for Joesph Joestar

  14. Empoleon's the kind of Pokémon that wants to give everyone a big Fuck-A-You.

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