Paper Mario Color Splash Gameplay E3 2016 Trailer | Releases on October 7

We saw aspects of the story & gameplay, with the segment ending with some rather compelling and creative sequences.
Key details include the lack of formal ‘XP’ points, but evidently HP and paint indicators can be raised through other means.

As expected you use a new partner – Huey the paint can – to generate colour to the world; we also saw some battles, in which ability and attack cards are selected and painted on the GamePad before the conventional timed button presses to execute moves. Toads play a big part in the story, and after a slow start in the demonstration we did see some flashes of creativity, including a fun-looking cameo by the dragon from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, along with some other neat moments.

Paper Mario Color Splash still doesn’t have a real experience points and lvls system. It’s pretty much confirmed to be Paper Mario Sticker Star 2 now.

Paper Mario Color Splash is coming to the Wii U on October 7, 2016, as announced by Nintendo today at E3.

E3 2016 Trailers:

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