Paper Mario Color Splash All Koopaling and Bowser Boss Fights

This video shows all of the Paper Boss fights + mini bosses in Paper Mario Color Splash (PMCS) for the Nintendo WII U. The Paper bosses are pretty easy and include Mini bosses, Morton, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig, as well as Bowser and Black Bowser. Here are the times for each boss fight:

00:24 Morton (The Crimson Tower)
02:03 Big Spiny (Kiwano Temple)
03:12 Iggy (The Golden Coliseum)
05:36 Petea Piranha (The Plum Park)
07:08 Ludwig (Fort Cobalt)
11:00 Wendy (Fortune Island)
13:34 Larry (Sunset Express)
18:14 Big Lava Bubble (Redpepper Crater)
20:43 Kamek Sacred (Forest)
24:00 Lemmy (The Emerald Circus)
28:32 Roy (Black Bowser’s Castle)
31:56 Black Bowser (Black Bowser’s Castle, The Ultimate Battle)23