You’re watching Overwatch All cinematic trailers / cutscenes combined into 1 video from Season 1 + Season 2. There will be more Animated Shorts in the future

Overwatch Animated Short / Overwatch All animation Shorts
0:00 Infiltration Sombra
5:32 Overwatch Cinematic
11:11 Soldier 76 Origin Story
12:36 A Moment in Crime Special Report The Junkers
14:12 Theatrical Teaser We Are Overwatch
15:07 Animated Short Recall
22:44 Animated Short ���Alive�۝
28:31 Cinematic Teaser Are You With Us
30:19 Animated Short ���Dragons�۝
37:48 Animated Short ���Hero�۝
44:10 Animated Short The Last Bastion
50:57 Animated Short Infiltration

The 2nd animated Overwatch short of season 2 has just been released so we combined every single animated shorts into one. Watch the mini movie while you play overwatch!

Overwatch Thumbnail Credit:
Infiltration Sombra

Thumbnail :
Infiltration Animated Short: Sombra Character Movie Video

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    • MurphyWhats This movie is a mixture of animated shorts in the form of a cinematic trailers. So, this might be simply called as 'movie' rather than game movie. Cutscenes are those scenes which are included in the gameplay.

      But these scenes are not part of the main gameplay, since it is a multiplayer game.

  1. Seems a bit like programming young minds to be pro nato/big brother high tech spy culture and anti RUSSIA .
    I don,t really know whats going on but it seems that they are trying to imply that man and machine should be melded together and that those trying to prevent this are the bad guys ?
    I think I like the bad guys better kill those robots i say

  2. anyone else notice that the music from the Winston short is like music from WALL-E and Athena sounds like something from WALL-E aswell

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