Overwatch ‘Full Movie’ All Cinematics Cut Scenes Combined / Animated Shorts + Sombra Infiltration

You’re watching Overwatch All cinematic trailers / cutscenes combined into 1 video from Season 1 + Season 2. There will be more Animated Shorts in the future

Overwatch Animated Short / Overwatch All animation Shorts
0:00 Infiltration Sombra
5:32 Overwatch Cinematic
11:11 Soldier 76 Origin Story
12:36 A Moment in Crime Special Report The Junkers
14:12 Theatrical Teaser We Are Overwatch
15:07 Animated Short Recall
22:44 Animated Short ���Alive�۝
28:31 Cinematic Teaser Are You With Us
30:19 Animated Short ���Dragons�۝
37:48 Animated Short ���Hero�۝
44:10 Animated Short The Last Bastion
50:57 Animated Short Infiltration

The 2nd animated Overwatch short of season 2 has just been released so we combined every single animated shorts into one. Watch the mini movie while you play overwatch!

Overwatch Thumbnail Credit:
Infiltration Sombra

Thumbnail :
Infiltration Animated Short: Sombra Character Movie Video

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