The new update for 3DS fighting games One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum & Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden adding cross-game battles is now available through the Nintendo eShop in Japan.

Players who own One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum can fight players who own DBZ: Extreme Butoden, and vice-versa. Cross-play includes both local and online battles.

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  1. The idea of making 60 games of each shounen games with their respected characters and IP alone and then making the game clash in another game is really a good idea and its cheaper then making fully 3d games like Allstars … I wish it gets a 10/10 score because it really has potential.

  2. I LOVE On Piece but none of the One Piece characters are nearly as strong as the DBS characters

    • Mosese Maumalanga id wait till one piece is close to finishing to really compare strength

    • Mosese Maumalanga Thank you you are the only un byis fan (I think that's how you spell it 😅)

    • Mosese Maumalanga but strength doesn't matter, some of the logistics types in one piece are untouchable by any normal means like blackbeard or admiral kizaru

  3. I never watched One Piece but this seems laughably unfair. Can someone tell me whether or not a One Piece character ever blew up a planet? Because that's the bar Nappa set at the beginning of Z.

    • One Punch Man no es de Toei sino de Madhouse (solo compara el cuidado de la animación entre el anime de Saitama vs el de Goku y compañia).

      Quizás si Bandai quisiera interviniera podría entrar.

  4. people are underestimating luffy,the only reason the planet's in the dbz universe were destroyed was because of energy attacks. If luffy learned some energy attacks he can also be capable to destroy planets.also goku does net know haki so luffy's devil fruit powers would protect him from most of goku punches.

  5. i dont want to be like some asshholes but wouldnt be unfair to luffy fughting ssj blue goku i mean in dbz frieza was planet destroyer , cell had the power of supernova and buu who could destroy a universe

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