Ninjala All Cutscenes Movie | Episodes 1 – 4

Ninjala All Cutscenes Full Movie HD includes the full story of Ninjala in one big video! The offline, single-player game mode delve into the story of the Ninjala universe and its characters.

Ninjala Story Packs can be purchased as additional content from the Nintendo eShop.
Purchase and download these packs to enjoy Ninjala’s Story Mode content.

00:46 Prologue It’s training time!
07:39 Episode 1 – Something suspicious is up! It’s time to investigate!
10:28 Episode 2 – Morph! Track it’s a top secret mission!
12:18 Episode 3 – Use a Gum boost to fly like the wind!
14:29 Episode 4 – Unleash the true power of Gum Ninjatsu