New Super Luigi Bros Wii All Castles (MLG Luigi VS Koopalings and Evil Dry Bowser)

Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe, Luigi has had enough of Mario taking all the glory for himself and has decided to defeat Bowser and save the Princess Peach himself in style.

MLG New Super Luigi Bros Wii and new modified bosses mod was created by MLGPigPlayz // Iggy3434
Thread Site:
His website:

Evil Dry Bowser mod hack was created by Toad Stool

Other known credits:
Newer Team: Bowser Castle tileset and Mario’s Mansion tileset
MmarioStudiosS: Minecraft tileset
YoshiVert99: toad and toadette models
ItzOrca_: Brstm modifer
iyenal: NSLU Grassland Tileset

Everything else is by Nintendo

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay

0:00 World 1
3:03 World 2
5:27 World 3
6:46 World 3 2nd Boss
10:59 World 4
No World 5
13:52 World 6
16:48 MLG Luigi Vs. Evil Dry Bowser Final Boss (World 6)

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