Miitopia is an RPG where the Mii characters can be self-generated, or you can choose from your buddies creations, or you can choose from other user created Mii’s to start out your story.


Well, here’s the story: Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Miitopia requires saving, and its peoples need their faces returned.

The characters could come from Mii Central, Mii Maker, your friend list, or Tomodachi Life data if you got it.


it’s a turn based mii RPG, where you can choose what miis you want to use as your main figures, and you also pick RPG style roles for them.

Along the way, you’ll enter random turn-based fights with small groups of enemies.Here you can opt to take immediate control of your own Mii, or check a box to automate the combat. Your party mates will act of their own accord regardless, so there really is a little meaningful strategy to Miitopia‘s fights.

When you enter inns, you’ll have the opportunity to support your team from the spoils of the previous battles. Each team member has their food likes and dislikes, which will influence how much of a stat boost they will gain from the evening’s meal.

Improving the bond between team members will increase their performance in battle, opening up new cooperative skills and powerful joint attacks. It’ll also perform cute team-bonding (or team-rending) vignettes through your automated journey.

Even obtaining new stat-boosting gear is arranged under the premise of giving your team members cash to settle at the shops. Miitopia almost feels like a parenting simulator to me.

your miis will relax at the end of every dungeon stage at an INN, & somehow there is an inn at the end of each stage

You get ten miis max; you pick out 3 to go adventuring. Your foremost mii will always be with you; graphics are top notch, very very adorable, clean and polished for an adorable video game like this.

there are at least around 130+ unique tracks in this game,

Final Thoughts:

This game is best played by the young audience, if you’re an adult, you most likely won’t enjoy this game. It’s a very casual video game.

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