The two greatest warriors in the history of Kirby series will battle it out in this final stage.

In a released concept art, Meta Knight is shown with a greatly different design; in it, he instead has red armor, a horned red helmet and insect-like wings, making him look more like a butterfly. This design is now used for Morpho Knight in Kirby Star Allies.

This gameplay video shows the final boss in Kirby Star Allies Guest Star mode for Nintendo Switch playing. Playing as Meta knight, it also includes the secret final boss battle against Galacta Knight / Morpho Knight.

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

New Super BOWSER Wii – Final Boss Evil Mario vs. Bowser & Ending (Walkthrough)

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families

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  1. Meta Knight: You again?? Didn't you blow up, like, 3 times?Galacta Knight: I got even better, let me show you my fusion

    • Dear all Kirby players I am swordkirby every day of my day with my robot girl friend And I beat meter knight a few times like a lot I mean more then 56 times that you guys controlled me 🙁 but susie hate it lol By the real Kirby And susie

    • YoLegoBoy123 Yolegoboy123. you killed me like 1 time… good thing I'm in your team now but people are gonna control me too

    • Marx that's twice because of that time you were a soul. Speaking of which, how is it you're alive AND back to normal?

    • Morpho knight: lets see if you remember everyting father tought you while I got tought two moves from Ike and Magalor

    • Picks up a snes controller but notices that i'm playing as marx This isn't Kirby Superstar this is Marx Superstar!

    • Galacta Knight: here butterfly!Meta Knight: seriously? What’s a puny little butterfly gonna d—(*galacta Knight transforms into morpho Knight*)Morpho Knight: like my new form, meta knight?Meta knight: ……………

    • excluding my dark matter form …i only died three times as i recall…but in this form i feel that battle was cheap and could have been a lot better…i think i deserve a reboot…as a more powerful form…though..i did love that time that i hid inside magolor…i do trust magolor is enjoying his time in the void…and i even lended void termina a dark matter form..and gave my red crystal's to that bird form of his…in the end…i was always there…watching…waiting…and day..i WILL return….

    • Morpho Knight: Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. I may look like Meta Knight's Early Self, but I am different. You can call me the Morpho Knight. META KNIGHT: Whoa, BETA VERSION of me with a completely different sword. What are you doing here?

  2. Meta Knight: You…
    Galacta Knight: This time will be different…hmm?…
    done transforming
    Meta Knight: Who…are you?
    Morpho Knight: I…


  3. "Beta Knight"
    That… That Actually Sounds Like A Good Name For Morpho Knight.
    Fun Fact About Morpho Knight: The Word "Morpho" I Believe Is Part A Butterfly Name, Thus Giving Morpho Knight His Butterfly Like Appearance, Or There's The Butterfly Transformation Called "Metamorphosis", Which Also Contains The Word "Meta"

    • He means “Guest Star ????” The mode. But I played
      the game and I can say you unlock “The Ultimate Choice” by beating the final boss
      in the story mode, Then you do “Guest Star ????” (Which you get by also Beating the final boss
      in the story mode) To get “Infernal Crisis”, beat that, then you’ll unlock “SOUL MELTER” which
      is the hardest and I think the HARDEST ARENA/TRUE ARENA IN A KIRBY GAME!

      Edit: Annnnnnnd that’s about it.
      I Hope This Was Helpful!

    • 1 more thing I didn’t say:

      “Infernal Crisis” and “SOUL MELTER” are
      difficulty settings in “The Ultimate Choice”.

  4. Cette fois, Galacta knight à entièrement été désintégré… est ce que ça veut dire qu'on le reverra plus jamais? Et ce papillon récurent est méchant ou gentil?

  5. Meta: You again…
    Galacta: You may have defeated me multiple times before, but I'll rather die than return to that crystal prison!
    Butterfly appears
    Meta/Galacta: Hmm?
    (Your wish shall be granted.)
    Galacta is incinerated
    Meta: !
    Butterfly transforms
    Morpho: You too shall fuel my rebirth!

  6. come on. no one is going to mention that morpho knight is LITERALLY how meta knight was going to be?? its a concept art of his original design!

  7. There were lots of clashes. Also, you showed off quite a bit of Meta Knight’s moveset and won without powerups.

    This was awesome!

  8. I like how despite only playing for 5 seconds, they put in the full theme for Galacta Knight's fight in the sound test. (Track 140)

  9. The Butterfly… IT PLANED THIS THE WHOLE TIME! From… the First Kirby game… He was there… He finally shows his True Form…

  10. 4:13 that perfect timing and the pose of finishing off morpho knight but also you finish him just before he attacks. I have one word to describe that timing, “NICE”. 👌

  11. If i were any good at modding, i would make the morpho knight 3x faster, because his boss fight is too slow paced.

  12. Lol the sword fite was good except the part where the player gets himself hit when he was suppose to be right under Morphor Knight when it uses it's dual blades.

  13. I like how HAL put old Ideas in this game. Return to Dreamland, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot and Star Allies are at least a lite bit like Kirby GCN, specially Return to Dreamland and Star Allies.

  14. I feel like for only Meta Knight, you should have fought Galacta Knight first, and THEN Morpho Knight appears.

  15. If you did'nt get the "Beta Knight" joke, it's because you don't know the whole story of Kirby games. The design of Morpho Knight was supposed to be the beta design of Meta Knight, but then it was scrapped…And they re-used it for Morpho Knight because they did'nt want to waste such epic design.

  16. Spoilers for video:

    Waiting for a boss to be in middle of the screen to finish him off, rather than rushing when he is on either side, to match the cutscene…Such classic yet nice way to end a fight ^^

  17. 1:02

    Galacta knight is incinerated*


    Morph knight*

    I'm going to beat u, just like the multiples times I have done, you burning butterfly

  18. I always knew that butterfly in kirby was evil, I mean why do you think he's on top of kirby hes probably trying to absorb him so he could be unstoppable but every time he tries to do it, some strange danger comes to planet pop star!

  19. Meta Knight: Your back again?

    Galacta Knight: Yes and I have this new power on my side but enough talk, lets let our blades do the talking.

    Meta Knight: My thoughts exactly Galacta. both of them shows their sword at each other

  20. They really need to add new moves for him or make him harder to hit, cause he's a bit predictable and underwhelming for being one of the strongest bois in existence

  21. Galacta Knight TimelineMeta Knightmare ReturnsTrue Arena Return to DreamlandMeta Knightmare UltraStar Allies Guest

  22. Once, my brother somehow got stuck in the top corner when Morpho did the Super Sword Ability thing. I got a lot of hits on him though because morpho got stuck too!!!

  23. Meta Knight: You may know everything I’m gonna do, but that’s not gonna help you cause I know everything you’re gonna do! Strange isn’t it?Morpho Knight: That was ridiculous

  24. What if in the next Kirby game, instead of just fighting either Galacta Knight or Morpho Knight, you fight them both while the fight each other? They both try to deal damage to each other, but they can't, so you have to defeat both of them while dodging their attacks yourself? I think that would be pretty cool.

  25. Meta Knight: Could it be?Galacta Knight: Yes. It is I! Freed again… Now feel my wr-Butterfly: AYYYY MY BOI GALACTA KNIGHT!How you been homie? This dude givin' you trouble? Hold on just one sec…

  26. Why is called Beta knight you askingis called Beta knight because it was the appearance of the idea of meta knight

  27. Another Meta Knight, is that you?
    Where's Galacta Knight's full battle?
    Hey, Another Morpho Knight, where you at?
    GOD KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! You must be here!
    With the sword from the Beta design of Meta Knight, Galacta Knight's Cape, and Dark Meta Knight's Mask!


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