Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite official gameplay features a tag team match between Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Mega Man.

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  1. It looks different from marvel vs capcom 1-3. I guess that's why they didn't call it marvel vs. capcom 4

    • Blazing Alex

      Why? They've released fighting games with marvel and x-men just this year.

    • This is officially a robot of the marvel vs capcom series, marvel does not want Fox studios to profit of the x-men characters in anyway so they asked capcom to focus the next game strictly to the marvel cinematic universe characters.

  2. what I'm trippin on is they barley showed my nigga X they only gave him the beginning part when he was gettin his ass whooped

    • I wish Mark Gatha wasn't retired, he be great to voice X again. However chances are Johnny Yong Bosch will probably do him, and zero, and every young male looking anime character lol.

  3. I want to know if certain infinity stones will grant more special abilities to the character like in marvel super heroes.

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