Mario Vs. Ridley & Samus in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay (Switch) + Ridley Final Smash HD

Metroid’s Ridley will be playable in Super Smash Bros Switch Ultimate

Ridley has a tail strike attack that stuns the opponent momentarily before they get hit with an explosion and are sent flying. Also shown are several air attacks including a diving strike.

For the Final Smash, Ridley sends the opponent flying into Samus’s ship as it tries to make an escape. He then fires a blast of energy from his mouth, destroying the spacecraft.

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97 thoughts on “Mario Vs. Ridley & Samus in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay (Switch) + Ridley Final Smash HD”

    • How so?

      Brawl was a lot more realistic than Smash 4. The lighting was darker and more serious, and in the transition to Sm4sh, the characters became simplified. A good example is how a lot of the frills and texture in Peach's dress were lost. Peach looks the same in SSBU, and the lighting seems just as cheerful now as it did in 2014.

    • Canadian Cookie
      It be neat if you could break out of it at earlier %s getting progressively harder the higher it is.

      It is certainly going to be utilized quite alot.

  1. Okay so bandana dee for kirby and one more third part (i want rayman but most likely it'll be crash) and ill be alk set cause this us all i want in a smash roster r.i.p waluigi i wish he could be in but im not losing sleep over it

    • Roger Gaitan
      I also don't get why they went back to OoTGanondorf.

      You would think the obvious choice would be to go for a newer game's model, like Hyrule Warriors.

      He looks kinda weird here, like he's straight outta Toy Story.

  2. his tail stab is certainly OP, you can hit someone twice with it and instantly smash them off the stage
    however, this may be very hard to pull off in competitive matches, since the sweet spot is quite specific and hard to hit at any given moment
    either way, i think it's very neat, and stabbing someone with your tail and coming as realistically close to killing them as you can is pretty badass, especially with the Little Mac KO Punch-esque slo-mo effect. Hyped AF for Ridley

    • Well, I think the tail stab is slightly "balanced" in the way that its slow start-up and small sweetspot compensate its strength (although it shouldn't do THAT much damage). However, the most broken thing about the move is that the sweetspot connects with an F-Smash as a combo.

    • A Ridley got his * kicked in a Tournament against Bayonetta. So S Tier Wii U characters are beating him up in No Time XD.

    • Also remember, Ridley is completly new and nobody knows his tricks, tech, combos, or really anything needed for competitive play

      Bayo on the otherhand is rather well known and outside of getting used to physics changes can be played rather similarly

      so it's not fair to say anything as of rn

  3. That down b looks really react-able though. Just because you have a very powerful move does not make you top tier. Look at ganon from smash 4.


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