Mario Tennis Aces – Pauline Luma & Boom Boom Trailer ►NEW DLC Characters Revealed

Mario Tennis Aces will add Luma, Boom Boom, and Pauline as playable characters between January 2019 and March, Nintendo announced.

Mario Tennis Aces is available now for Switch.

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56 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Aces – Pauline Luma & Boom Boom Trailer ►NEW DLC Characters Revealed”

    • +Antonio Tovar exactly he's my most hyped character to play as in this game since he's my favorite character and I've never got the chance to play as him on the GameCube and wii games so this a perfect opportunity for me to play as him

    • +Antonio Tovar exactly he's definitely going to be my main I don't think know character will change my mind pauline and the rest are cool but Petey piranha has been my favorite character since sunshine and I can't wait for his trailer

  1. This came as a big suprise to me this morning, and I LOVE IT 😁❤️ I just hope Cappy is next along with Nabbit and the Green Sprixie Princess

  2. It really boggles my mind on how amazing it is that Pauline went from a kidnapped Damsel in Distress to the MAYOR of a New York-inspired city that is based on her captor and now a tennis player.

  3. A Luma playing tennis?…That's actually really adorable.Pauline getting more love is also really good.Mayhaps she'll show up more often.


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