This shows gameplay with all 18 characters in the Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch. Below is a playlist link for this game.

Mario Tennis Aces Walkthrough Playlist:

The 18 playable characters in the game are:
0:00 Mario
0:36 Luigi
1:03 Wario
1:36 Waluigi
2:10 Princess Peach
2:45 Daisy
3:19 Bowser
3:59 Bowser Jr
4:33 Yoshi
5:08 Donkey Kong
5:40 Toad
6:15 Toadette
6:52 Rosalina
7:29 Boo
8:06 Spike
8:38 Chain Chomp
9:09 Koopa Troopa
9:21 Blooper
9:35 Classic Super Mario

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    • Taira Makaila my favourite characters for teh specail shot are mario,luigi,rosalina,spike,koopa,and blooper


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