Showcasing every single character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle including unlockable secret characters

To unlock the Mario characters you must first beat all the boss battles. That’s all you have to do to unlock the secret character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It is pretty simple.

Luigi: World 1 MidBoss
Rabbid Mario: World 2 Midboss
Princess Peach: World 2 Boss
Rabbid Yoshi: World 3 Midboss
Yoshi: World 4 Midboss

0:00 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle All Characters
2:10 Mario
3:57 Rabbid Peach
5:02 Rabbid Luigi
5:33 Luigi
6:13 Rabbid Mario
6:52 Princess Peach
7:55 Rabbid Yoshi
8:49 Yoshi

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Playlist

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  1. I think Bowser Junior and Spoony should be Secret characters or DLC aswell as a Secret World, Boss (Dry Bowser) and New Weapons.

    • Probably thanks to DanTDM for his Dab Police things, and Nintendo Said, on his tweet or instagram whatever, "Dabbing is rated E for Everyone." Yep, so they posted Someone in a giant Mario 'Mascot Costume' Dabbing. And they also included it in this game. And they gave the animation to Luigi.

    • Yes, and You "Goht" a problem with that? (Gotta throw in the Zelda franchise in there if there is going to be the Sonic and Mario franchise.

    • Yes, but when you're first introduced to him, he was pummeling the boss every once in a while to make sure it was gone. Very Funny and Silly, yet very Serious. Rabbit Yoshi may look like he's just messing around, but he is a very serious character. A bit too serious even.


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