Mario Party Star Rush All Boss Battle Mini Games + All Bowser’s Bosses �ېHD���

I’ve only included all of the bosses with Bowser’s Gauntlet Mini-Games which can be unlocked through Toad scramble & Coinathlon in the rival race mode.

00:00 Mega Goomba’s Bad Dream
02:18 King Boo Light Smite
03:47 Mega Monty Mole’s in the Hole
05:11 King Bob-omb Boom D’etat
06:58 Petey Piranha’s Shell Smackdown
08:28 Mega Blooper’s Bayside Bop
11:04 Mega Dry Bones’s Femur Fever
12:33 Kamek’s Card Tricks
14:41 Bowser Jr. Pound for Pound
16:45 Bowser’s Space Race
19:48 Bowser’s Shocking Slipup
21:54 Bowser’s Hit-or-Missile Mania

The last 3 aren’t exactly boss battles, but I’ve included it anyway since it looks so awesome.

Mario Party Star Rush – All Bowser’s Gauntlet Mini-Games
24:45 Bowser’s Power Bomb
25:24 Bowser Fence Fury
26:05 Bowser’s Fire Hazard

(Just Bosses) Paper Mario Color Splash All Bosses:

Paper Mario Color Splash All Cutscenes Movie + All Bosses Included

Now we’ll wait for Mario Party 11 to come out.10