Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga looks amazing. It’s got a fantastic art style with plenty of personalities as well as a level of detail almost unheard of in other GBA RPGs of the era. There isn’t anything to criticise here.


Superstar Saga starts off in the familiar Mushroom Kingdom but moves over to the Beanbean Kingdom for the most part as our hero Mario and his brother, “that other green guy,” are called to task. Our favorite ruler, Princess Peach has yet again been captured by the infamous Bowser…

Peach is in trouble again; the oft-neglected Luigi is along for the ride in an oft-neglected role; Mario head off to the neighboring Bean-Bean Kingdom to save Peach, stop a new treacherous villain, and watch Bowser get relegated to a secondary role.
Beneath the sweet, juicy


So, that’s how well the game holds aesthetically, how about gameplay wise? Well in that respect, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is brilliant.

On a basic level, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is sort of like a cross between a Zelda game and an RPG. You’ve got the turn based combat with a unique style of action direction that makes the whole thing based on skill rather than just ‘strategy’ or ‘grinding’).

The overworld controls a lot more like your average legend of Zelda game with the different techniques you get working like items and opening up new areas.

Musically, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is a pretty good game. It’s got some catchy themes with plenty of personalities (that stick in your head for hours after playing) and except exactly one piece of music, has a rather good soundtrack.

Final Thoughts:

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is a fabulous game. It’s got great graphics with a unique style of their own, a wonderful soundtrack and plenty of fun gameplay to endure throughout.

It truly is an excellent Mario RPG, and potentially even one of the best RPGs ever created and comes highly recommended to anyone who owns a GBA or original DS. Buy it now.

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