Mario & Luigi Paper Jam – All Luigi Funny Moments + Reactions / Cutscenes Movie 2018 + Easter Egg

Luigi funniest moment in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. As long as Luigi does a reaction then I will include it in this funny montage.

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
Compilation by CommunityGame

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96 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi Paper Jam – All Luigi Funny Moments + Reactions / Cutscenes Movie 2018 + Easter Egg”

  1. I don’t why, but for some reason after watching it a 2nd time, the Easter egg with Paper Luigi made me cry. XD I DON’T KNOW WHY. Like, I don’t think it was meant to be sad. I think it was meant to be both ironic/funny because Paper Luigi wasn’t playable and you can see why now and soothing because of the music box. But, it made me tear up, instead. XD

  2. Nintendo should just make a movie using these sprites. the animation is smooth plus it's ADORABLE (Mostly Luigi)

  3. 14:50 Gosh, Nintendo got me good right there. I so thought Wiggler was dying. It's also pretty upsetting since AlphaDream, the developer o the Mario & Luigi games, has shut down after declaring for bankruptcy. <:(

  4. btw Paper Luigi was planned to be playable in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam but was taken out because the team thought it would be too difficult to control four separate characters.

  5. Imagine a kid getting along with another kid, but the adults don't get along and argue like Paper Bowser/Bowser.

    • In fact, I think Paper/Regular Bowser are the only ones who don't get along when they meet.


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