Mario Kart Live Home Circuit All Characters Unlocked and Golden Mario, Golden Luigi + More

Showcasing every single character in Mario Kart Live Home Circuit with gameplay on the side including Golden Mario, Golden Luigi, Metal Mario, Mario Luigi and all of their costumes/skins such as the Astronaut outfit, Baseball uniform, Builder outfit, Chef suit, Construction worker, Cowboy outfit, Doctor outfit, Explorer outfit, Football uniform, Knight outfit, Painter outfit, Pirate outfit, Pumpkin outfit, Santa outfit, Snow outfit and Swimmer outfit.

0:00 Mario Kart Live Home Circuit All Mario Characters
1:49 Mario Kart Live Home Circuit All Luigi Characters
3:43 Golden Mario Race Gameplay
5:16 Golden Luigi Race Gameplay
6:52 Rainbow Road Outdoor Race Gamepaly (Night Time)

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe All Characters:

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