Luigi Vs. Final Boss in Super Mario 64 – Final Boss + Ending | L is Real 2401

The recent Nintendo leak everyone is talking about contains files related to Luigi and modders all over the internet have used those leak files to recreated Luigi to be playable in Super Mario 64 so now let’s see what happens when the real Luigi beats the final boss in Super Mario 64.

The final level and boss in Super Mario 64, as well as the ending and credits with the 120 star ending., but this time we get to see the real Luigi beating the final boss.

Luigi recompile by Cuckydev (greendev123) and devwizard.
SM64 – Luigi Restored:

2:37 Super Mario 64 Final Boss
6:00 Super Mario 64 Ending
7:47 Credits
10:37 100% Secret Ending (120 Stars)

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