Luigi Vs. Final Boss in Super Mario 64 – Final Boss + Ending | L is Real 2401

The recent Nintendo leak everyone is talking about contains files related to Luigi and modders all over the internet have used those leak files to recreated Luigi to be playable in Super Mario 64 so now let’s see what happens when the real Luigi beats the final boss in Super Mario 64.

The final level and boss in Super Mario 64, as well as the ending and credits with the 120 star ending., but this time we get to see the real Luigi beating the final boss.

Luigi recompile by Cuckydev (greendev123) and devwizard.
SM64 – Luigi Restored:

2:37 Super Mario 64 Final Boss
6:00 Super Mario 64 Ending
7:47 Credits
10:37 100% Secret Ending (120 Stars)

Thanks for watching my Super Mario 64 Gameplay!

Paper Mario: The Origami King Playlist:

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1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2020)

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200 thoughts on “Luigi Vs. Final Boss in Super Mario 64 – Final Boss + Ending | L is Real 2401”

    • Exactly. The entire character model is literally from the source code! We finally got to see what Super Mario 64 Luigi looked like

  1. I'm now awaiting the discovery of Purple Yoshi in Yoshi's Story, Waluigi in Super Mario DS, and playable Master hand in smash bros ultimate.

    • Well actually Nintendo didn't do that once again they got hacked I think only my opinion that doesent sound like something Nintendo would do

  2. so that official luigi model gets leaked after 24 years and 1 month after the games release? did someone in nintendo planned this or?

    • You act like we don’t go out of our way to by vintage and used games because they’re so special to people. Also this video is made because of the ‘future’ and ‘past’ generations coming together actually finding luigi.

      But ok.

  3. The greatest nintendo mystery is solved which is awesome but now it feels like there is nothing else to look forward to, are there any other nintendo mystery that I can look forward to?

    • No not really. I mean there are some Pokémon mysteries. Like some mythical Pokémon event mysteries and gmax melmetal and just stuff like that. I mean waluigi and daisy have plenty of games they should’ve been in but weren’t like having daisy substitute for peach and waluigi in wario games and such. But those mysteries are just nintendo being confusing.

  4. Finally a Mario game with actual Luigi sound effects that I’ve been looking for in my entire life😨👍

  5. 7:25

    Luigi stood there, his heart broken from what he had just heard. A cake for…Mario? After all the pain and suffering he went through to save her….she still thanked Mario? He walked slowly towards the Castle door before stopping. Was Mario really all she cared about? He looked up to the sky as if he were trying to find the answer to the question he already knew the answer to.

    " Luigi! "

    He snapped out of it and began to jog to the door, maybe one day…one day she would notice him for his hard work and for the sacrifices that he always made. But until then, he would just have to endure his brother's fame for just a bit longer.

    • It’s really good. And the best part is you could continue this using other games from the n64 and GameCube era. Mario party and tennis are the games Luigi met daisy and then she started participating in kart races on the GameCube with double dash and then they fell in love. Once the tennis game came out for the game cube she confessed her love to him(or it was I between but idk). Along with taking the trophy as it was flower based and Luigi had won it.

  6. 2001… kindergarten. My friend shows me the L is real statue. We tried everything, no L.

    2020… 25 years old. L has ALWAYS been real!!! 24 years and 01 months after release!

    One of the worlds great mysteries has been solved

  7. Wow first it was Gen 4 Pokémon that were patched out and now is this,what next,Earthbound 5 confirmed or Waluigi/Geno were confirmed in smash?but ngl these leaks are good not hating on these

  8. Hey can you make a paper Mario video? About the green stone? Because if you buy it from the mole they are sad. If you buy it from the Koopas they are neutral

  9. Hey Luigi you want to make a cake yeah can I have some know which bake a cake for Mario why are you asking me to

  10. I actually really like this mini evolution of Beta Luigi.-First we had CuckyDev’s patch, which released the model as a whole.-Then we have Weegeepie’s patch, which polished several aspects of the model, as well including a hatless state.-Then there’s this version, which not only changes the Mario icon to be green, but also adds N64 era Luigi voice clips.I really wanna know where to get this patch.

  11. Peach:let’s bake a delicious cake… for marioLuigi: PainBtw i felt like the super mario advanced luigi voice should’ve been used lol, but this is cool!

  12. I think you should have used Luigi’s voice from super Mario advanced but slowed down, that sounds pretty close to Luigi’s original voice clips found in Mario 64

  13. Should've pitch corrected Luigi's voice lines to more closely match the ones found in the leak; hearing Luigi's jump line, then his "Mama Mia" is very jarring.

  14. The luigi isn't finished1 no cap comes off 2 no wings show 3 no metal texture 4 no vanish textures And 5 no ✌ sign.reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  15. i still cant believe we finally found luigi 24 years and 1 month from the games release L IS real 2401.


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