This video shows a comparison of all Jambastion Mages attacks in Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch – 1080p & 60fps. Enjoy the Kirby gameplay video.

These are the 3 new characters that are going to appear in Kirby Star Allies in the Wave 3 DLC update. Francisca Flamberge and Zan Partizanne, the ultimate boss battles.

These 3 Jambastion Mages / Sisters are playable bosses revealed in the data found by:
reserved_kirby –
LuigiBlood –

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Rick, Kine, Coo, Marx, Gooey Wave 1 DLC

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  1. Maybe you can Swap between them like if you press a button then It would swap to the generals like Fancisca swapped to Flameberge and to Zane Partizanne

  2. I love how their attacks are the same yet different in a way.

    Francisca's attacks are slow, but she can chain them into combo coordinated attacks.

    Flamberge's attacks are faster than Francisca's and while she doesn't have Francisca's combo coordination, she makes up for it with more projectile based attacks.

    Zan Partizan has the fastest moves of the three and is more on the attack than the other two. Plus her moves take up more of the screen.

    Quite a nice touch HAL, kudos 👍.

  3. Where is that special friend painter we all love :'(
    Also didn't know the 3 mage attacked almost like the same :0

  4. The Mages, like Marx and Dark Meta Knight, don't make any sense to being Dream Friends. I mean, they never show to be friendly and helpful for Kirby, like the other characters

  5. Kirby: The only character in the history of Nintendo that can turn EVERY. SINGLE. ENEMY. INTO. A FRIEND! INCLUDING DEADLY ENEMIES!!!!

  6. Ever since they showed off these Mage sisters, I've been hoping for them to be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate….. They are just awesome!

  7. These characters would’ve been 100% waifu material on my list if it weren’t for the fact that they submitted to Hyness’ abuse and had themselves treated like weapons and meat shields.

  8. Haha just imagine how epic it will be when the Jambastion mages go up against themselves🤔😂🤩👳‍♀️❄👳‍♀️🔥👳‍♀️⚡👊

  9. Can you do this for twin kracko because the fight goes way too fast for everyone's videos

  10. I can only wonder what the guest star description for their motives would say. Probably something along the lines of being from an alternate reality and they've come to stop themselves from doing evil.

  11. I really REALLY!!!!!! hope the jambastion mages are all separate character slots. It just wouldn't be fair but the likelihood of them being a 3 in 1 is very high. Of course there's also the possibility that Hyness is the dream friend and the mages are just his moveset…I'm scared for the future.

  12. Aw man, I was kinda dissapointed to find out that they were villains. They have such an affectionate character design.

  13. So no potential for prince fluff escargoon or jigglypuff?Official rating:7/10 reason:wave 4 being garbage

  14. 0:00 Intro0:49 The begenning of the battle0:56 Basic attack of Francisca1:05 Basic attack of Flamberge1:15 Basic attack of Zan Partizanne1:27 Air Attack of Francisca1:44 Air Attack of Flamberge1:54 Air Attack of Zan Partizanne2:12 Attack on the ground of Francisca2:22 Attack on the ground of Flamberge2:33 Attack on the ground of Zan Partizanne———————————————————————————————2:41 Shock for Francisca2:45 Shock for Flamberge2:49 Shock for Zan Partizanne———————————————————————————————-2:54 Francisca's Special Attack (Water gun)3:12 Flamberge's Special Attack (Super cannon)3:28 Zan Partizanne's Special Attack (Big electric beam)3:43 Throwing ice fragments of Francisca4:04 Throwing fire swords of Flamberge4:23 Throwing electric balls of Zan Partizanne———————————————————————————————-4:45 DEATH4:53 Kirby dances (x3)

  15. Damn😨 ,this guys have scary attack especially when they angry Wow! Jambations Mages are amazing villians👍🏻 and I 💖love💖their design😉 HAL Laboratory its a yes from me💯

  16. Element: Ice, fire and lighting.Weapon: Ax, Sword and Lance.Awaken power weapon: Blaster, Cannon and Drums.

  17. Don’t see how you could conceivably dodge the water gun, fire cannon, AND lightning drum attacks all at once


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