This video shows the Kirby Star Allies The Ultimate Choice mode boss fights challenge (True Arena)

Below are my playlists for Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby Star Allies 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

Kirby Star Allies All Minigames (Chop Champs and Star Slam Heroes All Levels)

(Evil Kirby Soul Melter Hardest Difficulty)38


  1. When you realise Void Termina might be Kirby's future. He will consume us all. After all, he is undefeatable at eating.

  2. Also, did you see the master crown? How could it be that it's returned? We did after all destroy it when we defeated magolor. Could it be we'll have a chance to use it as a transformation one day? what do you guys think?

    • Douglas Lundin its not the real master crown its a false version, you can tell when the attack is over the master crown disappears. So thats how its not the real master crown.

  3. My one question: Why is Dedede blued out? It’s like he got dipped in a blue filter.(obvious jokes r obvious)

    • Canal Brincadeiras Friends do you see how much hot sauce he poured on his food. Who wouldn't have that face after doing that.

  4. Easter Egg!Do you wanna know how to speak Jambastion? Well you can if you do Ultimate Choice Find a Difficulty Where you can fight Hyness Then Remove the cloakThen after the cutscene Look at Hyness's Description Then it shows you how 🙂

  5. いいいいきいいいいいいいいいききききききいいいいいきききかかかかかさささささたたたむむむゆむむむるわん、ろくれめれもせきるるめめゆゆすすちにににちちちちちさかきききききききかしししりをわわ」をををりりをるるー?んをりゆむぶbmxnnwxnqqqpy

  6. U can go even higher than soul melter and get to soul melter X. Beat this and get 64 Kirby.Steps:1. Go to ultimate choice and hold the UP button2.u will see that u have did this when Kirby’s face starts looking at you3.beat the boss and u will be able to switch from regular Kirby to one of the first versions of Kirby

  7. Before Soul Melter EX, Heroes in another Dimension, Wave 1-3 Dream Friends were added in the game. Anyways, Soul Melter is as easy as pie if you use Magolor.


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