Kirby: Star Allies Special Animation Nintendo Switch Trailer 2018

Nintendo has released an animation trailer for Kirby: Star Allies.

The trailer does not show any gameplay, but it does feature some cool Kirby comic style animation.

Kirby: Star Allies is due out for Switch on March 16 in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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Kirby and Metaknight (Animation)

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113 thoughts on “Kirby: Star Allies Special Animation Nintendo Switch Trailer 2018”

    • Oz 24 I Know what you mean I Watch the kirby anime when i was 12 and every weekend until It ended in 2007 and i was 17 years old and to this day i still play kirby and i now that i got the switch can't wait until march and get this game you know

  1. I need this game NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKKKKKIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRBBBBBBYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  2. This just straight up reminds me of Sonic Mania’s opening. I mean come on! The intro theme in Mania is even called “Friends”.

  3. It would be really cool if they brought back Helper to Hero in this game when you finish it. Because I feel like it would be so fitting in this game.

  4. I can see the friendship in this game but i cant find the love in it. unless you call Kirby kissing her allies so he can heal them love.

  5. Nintendo should release another kirby show, but it will include inside characters like: bandana dee, kine rick and coo, marx, dark matter, galacta knight, and more…Who's agreed?


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