Kirby Star Allies Secret Kirby’s Dream Land Level / Easter Egg (Gameboy Level)

The final secret level in Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby Star Allies 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

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After beating the game, you’ll unlock an extra level — a bonus Gameboy secret level that’s a big celebration of the entire game and everything you’ve accomplished so far.

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65 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Secret Kirby’s Dream Land Level / Easter Egg (Gameboy Level)”

    • +Carlo Davies True. I've heard that version before, actually. I could make a MIDI remake of it for myself. Once it's finished, I could let you listen to it if you want to.

  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one. In order to experience the true nostalgia, no friends, no powers, just Kirby in his inhale and spit glory days. I damn near cried. Well played, Hal. Well played. 👏👏👏

  2. I form know if the HD Rumble thing is exclusive to the pro controller, because I never heard it through the joycons, unfortunately.

    • madijet jetli
      It exists in I believe the level before the final boss.
      Except, this time, you enter Planet Popstar around the end of the level.

  3. Where do you find/unlock this level?
    Is it that final Extra World you unlock after beating (SPOILER)?
    (Final Boss)
    Oh. Nevermind.

    • Are you talking about an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! by any chance? Because I've seen it a few times on YouTube.

  4. 3:00 ハイ! (meaning "yes" through how I hear it) Amazing videos of this game. If there were sound rips (game voices, SFX, music, sequences if possible), that would be amazing. Thank you.

  5. Se agradece muchísimo! El efecto de sonido en los joy cons en la última parte es lo más grandioso, es el easter egg mas nostálgico de toda la franquicia y de la vieja escuela. Saludos desde la cuarentena.


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