Kirby Star Allies Rick & Kine & Coo Vs. Secret Boss + Ending (Alternate Theme / Stage)

A new theme song will play when you battle morpho knight as Rick & Kine & Coo in guest star mode. This is the 3rd new battle theme.

The background will also change when you play as Rick & Kine & Coo.

Rick & Kine & Coo Vs. New Final Boss

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Rick is a friendly and energetic hamster that befriends Kirby. Alongside Ribbon, Rick is arguably the most well-known of the helpers Kirby has had over the years.

Rick first appeared alongside Coo and Kine in Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Whereas Coo and Kine are most helpful in the air and in the water, Rick was best suited for land.

Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

4 Marx vs All Bosses In Kirby Star Allies (Soul Melter Difficulty)

Unlocking New Friends In Kirby Star Allies + Final Boss Battle & Ending Rick, Kine, Coo, Marx, Gooey

Video suitable for all ages, kids & families

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132 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies Rick & Kine & Coo Vs. Secret Boss + Ending (Alternate Theme / Stage)”

  1. Wave 2 Dream Friends I want: Magalor, That one 4 headed dragon, Susie, Taranza, and Daroach

    Edit: Some more could be Ribbon and the Mass Attack Kirbys

    • Prince Blake uumm your reply makes no sense since Pon &Con are no friends the game does not consider them friends do they fallow you or somting… no,no they dont
      As for Galacta it would be the same thing as Meta Knight and King Dedede(triple d)
      Sorry for bad english and this is not meant to be a rude comment!

    • Methinks they're doing in order of release date of the games the characters were in(Rick & Kine & Coo for Dream Land 2, Marx for Super Star, and Gooey for Dream Land 3). The next wave could likely see characters from 64: The Crystal Shards, Amazing Mirror, Canvas Curse, and/or Squeak Squad.

      Though, I have a hard time thinking who could fill the Amazing Mirror spot.

    • Marcus Walker sent out Kine!
      Hyness sent out Zan Partizzane!
      Marcus Walker used Splash!
      Critical Hit!
      It's Super Effective!
      Zan Partizzane fainted!
      (Hyness is about to send out Flamberge, will you switch out?)
      Hyness sent out Flamberge!
      Flamberge used Flaming Slash!
      IT MISSED.
      Marcus Walker used Splash!
      It's Super Effective!
      Flamberge fainted!
      (Hyness is about to send out Francsica, will you switch out?)
      Chooses Rick.
      Marcus Walker sent out Rick!
      Hyness sent out Francisca!
      Marcus Walker used Wildfire!
      Rick covered the arena in flames!
      Francisca recieved afteeburn!
      Francisca used Squirt Gun!
      It's not very effective.
      Marcus Walker used Fire Shot!
      It's very effective!
      Francisca fainted!
      (Hyness is about to send himself, will you switch out?)
      Chooses Marx.
      Hyness sent himself!
      Marcus Walker used HYPERNOVA EX.
      It's not very effective.
      It hit 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000#_&×€2?:*$(+(%&+€1€4€%8$+*3&#×814;:*1€4;9€$_'.'.".!×,$;:_÷*3728193/757229#€"_=&28=9;*/;428×9"_÷&184729204€*%#8×_%&"_×€2€#=Infinite Times!
      Hyness fainted!
      Marcus Walker won the battle!
      You obtained 5,000 star points, 20 puzzle pieces, Rick EX stone, Coo EX stone, Kine EX stone, Marx EX stone and Gooey EX stone.

    • Probably wouldn't fit due to the techno and electronic-ey nature of the Robobot remix. Though a more possible explanation would be for the sake of having all-new rearrangements for the three Dream Friends.

    • Game God It's a remix of Dark Matter's theme song from Dreamland 2.
      It, just like with Robobot, plays both versions of the song. When they are a Swordsman, and when Fighting Dark Matter in their true form.

  2. Morpho knight a butterfly that posses all the abilitys of the strongest warrior in the galaxy and could potentially destroy worlds


    One hamster boi
    An owl boi
    And one fishy boi

  3. I just got a idea; what if Rick, Kine, and Coo were in the next Smash Bros?? They wouldn’t be a transforming character like Pokémon Trainer, they’d kinda work how they do in this game, where most of the time you’re playing as Rick. But for example, Rick could turn into Coo when he’s doing the Up-B/jumping like how Rick turns into Coo when he jumps in this game. Idk

  4. Does anybody notice that zan partizanne in the background becomes flat when hyness un hooded summons the three jambastion mages?

  5. I love the battle area, mostly because the blue flowers that bloom when you fight Hyness and the blue center that ripples when you walk on it, just like when you walk over water. If I was a boss, this would be my arena.

  6. fun fact , morpho knight was the first concept of meta knight, but then they gave it a less good detail , until the graphics got better they made him look what he looks like

  7. I really want to see a Solo Run of Soul Melter with Rick, Kine, and Coo, but only using Kine’s attacks.

  8. Zan Partizanne has challenged you!What should Rick and Kine and Coo do?*Fire breath *Wing damage*Cutter feathers ▶️Splash Kine used Splash!It's Super effective!Zan Partizanne has used Omega Plasma Laser!Rick blocked the attack! Coo used Wing damage!It's very effective!Zan Partizanne has fainted.


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