Kirby Star Allies – All Kirby Dream Friends Idle Animations Rick Kine Coo Marx & Gooey

All Kirby Dream Friends Idle Animations including Kirby and Rick’s Adorable Idle Animation / Rick sleeping animation.

All Kirby and Dream Friends:
0:00 Rick & Kine & Coo
1:42 Marx
1:59 Gooey
2:25 King Dedede
2:48 Meta Knight
3:01 Bandana Waddle Dee
3:15 Kirby

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Kirby Star Allies Walkthrough Playlist:

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families

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212 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies – All Kirby Dream Friends Idle Animations Rick Kine Coo Marx & Gooey”

  1. I remember watching Rick fall asleep while i was trying out the update, its adorable and I wish it lasted longer

  2. Oh! Idle Animations, I read Die Animations, whoops and I love how long and varied Rick's sleep animation is

  3. 3:10 that description points that Bandana Dee didn't always have the bandana and spear. So… it kinda confirms that he is the same Waddle Dee in Kirby 64?

  4. 1:59
    Gooey: *Looks Around*……
    *And probably thinks*(Nobody here? Yes? Ok!)
    Gooey: Giggles then acts More Derpy than usual

  5. How I feel about each one
    Rick: His sleeping is so adorable
    Marx: it's funny to watch him lose hus balance a little while jumping around ( he's also a little crazy)
    Gooey: He's just a big ole goof
    Dedede: A little weird that one of his idle animations is just a sneeze
    Meta Knight: Always watching his back
    Bandana dee: It's a nice detail to see his eyes light up while looking at his spear
    Kirby: cute

  6. Bandanna Waddle Dee for smash anyone?(I'd take any of these dream friends though, to be honest, as long as they're new.)

  7. Bandanna dee is a girl? I know that they use the He pronoun but, there it says i'm not just a pretty face! I learned that pretty it's only for female

  8. wait….bandana waddle dee is closest thing we have for the spear ability,while staff seems to be just a clone of it

  9. I love how all of the characters had English descriptions, and kirby just has a Japanese description

  10. I wonder what Kine's idle animation looks like when he's in the water, I'd like to think he does something really neat for anyone that tries to find out

  11. Everione here is talking about Rick

    And here I am admiring Bandana Dee's anime eyes as he stares into his spear

  12. The sun and moon walk into a bar.The bartender asks, "What'll it ne today, fellas?"The sun nudges the moon, telling him, "Told ya I'm the fan favorite!"And then they fought. A lot.Marx was the bartender.This was how Milky Way Wishes began.

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  14. dang, nintendo really dithed the second half of the drreamland 3 casr.nintendo and hal, where's pitch, chuchu, and nago? until they put them in a kirby game, i'm not playing it.


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