Kirby Star Allies All Characters VS Whispy Woods (Kirby & Friends)

Kirby and his friends have come face to face with the Whispy Woods. It’s time to take him down!

Kirby Star Allies 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

Showcasing every single character in Kirby Star Allies including secret friends

0:00 Blade Knight
0:39 Sir Kibble
1:15 Poppy Bros Jr.
1:51 Rocky
2:27 Wester
3:05 Bonkers
3:39 Bio Spark
4:24 Gim
5:07 Jammerjab
5:49 Burning Leo
6:26 Chilly
6:55 Waddle Doo
7:31 Plugg
8:20 Driblee
9:07 NESP
9:45 Birdon
10:27 Broom Hatter
11:04 Knuckle Joe
11:46 Bugzzy
12:30 Beetley
13:07 Como
13:42 Parasol Waddle Dee
14:20 Vividria
15:03 Chef Kawasaki
15:55 King Dedede
16:31 Meta Knight
17:06 Bandana Waddle Dee
17:45 Kirby

Spoil alert, kirby become friends with Whispy Woods at the end of the video.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe All Characters Unlocked and Golden Mario, Metal Mario, Bowser + More:

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38 thoughts on “Kirby Star Allies All Characters VS Whispy Woods (Kirby & Friends)”

    • MarioMario which waddle dee?
      Parasol Waddle Dee or Bandana Waddle Dee? Make it more complete and specific plz.

  1. Bio Spark? What happened to Moonja? Where's the Archer ability? Why does bandana dee have Spear and no one else? I have a lot of the game to complain about.

  2. I love this game mode so much but it's kinda disappointing to see that they clearly used the Kirby model but changed it


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