Kirby Star Allies All Boss Characters / Galacta Knight Morpho Knight + Hyness All Bosses Unlocked

Showcasing every single boss character in Kirby Star Allies including mini-bosses and 3 secret boss characters: Galacta Knight / Morpho Knight, Void Soul and Yggy Woods from the bonus level.

Kirby Star Allies Playlist

(no ex boss repeats from the ultimate choice mode true arena)

To unlock Morpho Knight and Yggy Woods you must finish the whole game. That’s all you have to do to unlock the secret boss character to battle in Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch. It is pretty simple.

0:00 Kirby Star Allies All Boss Characters + Mini Bosses
0:02 Bugzzy
0:37 Bonkers
1:07 Vividira
1:24 Mr. Frosty
1:45 Chef Kawasaki
2:13 Twin Bonkers
2:31 Twin Kawasaki
3:18 Twin Frosty
3:38 Twin Vividira
4:06 Whispy Woods
6:06 King Dedede
6:40 Super Dedede w/ Muscles (New final smash?)
9:03 Meta Knight vs. Kirby No Sword Battle
11:58 Pon & Con
14:32 Francisca 1st battle
15:50 Flamberge 1st battle
17:27 Zan Partizanne 1st battle
19:13 Whispy Woods 2nd battle
20:47 Yggy Woods 2nd battle
22:43 Yggy Woods 3rd battle – Secret Boss character
23:17 Golden & Silvox
25:15 Grand Mam
26:53 Francisca 2nd battle
28:45 Kracko
29:41 Twin Kracko
31:43 Flamberge 2nd battle
33:29 Zan Partizanne 2nd battle
35:24 Hyness Final Boss
40:40 Void Termina True Final Boss
54:09 1st Ending There’s more!
54:32 Galacta Knight + Morpho Knight Alternative Ending Boss Battle
56:50 True Ending 2
57:14 Void Soul – Secret Boss (Soul Melter mode)

8:23 1st fake ending credit
1:08:55 2nd fake ending credit

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