In this video, we show the most interesting things we can do with Joker in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

Everything this smash bros ultimate video has:
0:00 Battle Entrance
0:08 Victory Animations
2:45 Palutena Guidance
3:00 Final Smash
3:26 Taunts
4:00 Alternate Colors / Costumes
4:21 Joker Aliases/Titles on Boxing Ring
4:42 Kirby using Joker’s Ability
5:34 Classic Mode ending

New Content Approaching Joker character from persona 5 can NOW be Unlocked, make sure to get him today!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Hero New DLC:

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Video suitable for all ages, kids & families
1080p 60fps gameplay by CommunityGame (2019)

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    • Nah. Ryu's from Japan.

      (Actually, Sakurai let us know a couple months ago that the Fighters Pass wouldn't have new Guidances)

  1. I was kinda expecting that in the palate a guidance palutena would say something like “Can you call later? I’m tired”

  2. That Gun move seems to really work well for Kirby. Helps him cover the need for a ranged attack and provides aerial coverage as well.

  3. Go on doubles with a friend, and have one play joker and one wear the Morgana hat. Have joker protect the morgana mii fighter

  4. Joker shows how much sakurai cares about the persona serie, I mean look at all the cool details this character has !

  5. I thought there was no Palutena guidance for DLC characters except Pirahna Plant.
    Wait… Didn't Mewtwo get that same reaction back in WiiU.

  6. The white skin with the red mask kinda gives me Akechi vibes, I also get Suzaku from Code Geass vibes too. 😮

    • Same as in his game. The background loops like that cuz the battle results screen doesn't end until you press X.

  7. Awwh the Palutena guidance was kinda disappointing because they all didn't know Joker's name or even Persona 5.

    • I mean it would make sense. Futaba doesn’t show up in Mementos like the other Phantom Thieves (minus Crow). You would only hear her during Joker’s Final Smash and Victory Screen. And that’s assuming Morgana doesn’t say anything.

  8. 4:21 Wow in the second top corner they actually had a Zero (Code Geass) skin for Joker. It's official this is the best game ever.

  9. when you spend all your budget on 314 victory screens so you can't afford to record a few voicelines for palutena's guidance

  10. It's a bit disappointing that Joker only gets the canned DLC guidance. But I suppose if there's anyone it's fitting for the gods to draw a total blank on for inter-dimensional reasons, it's a MegaTen character.

    Also, nitpick: you only show one of two possible cut-ins for All-Out Attack. You can randomly get Morgana, Skull, and Panther's portraits instead.

  11. Cloud: "My Victory Theme overrides the Results Theme."
    Joker: "Hold my Velvet Room Attendant(s)."
    Yu and Minato/Makoto: "Ours, too."

  12. Yu and Minato being Miis sort of reflects how in p3 and p4 the character models had deformed proportions while in p5 they had realistic ones

  13. so sakurai said that it would be until february of 2020 for all the dlc to come out… yet it took joker like 5 months

  14. They gave him like a billion different victory animations and couldn't be bothered to write a paragraph or two about him for Palutena's Guidance?

    • Kai Reynolds sadly They Have no Codecs On Fighters That appeared after brawl So Joker doesn’t have a codec

  15. Dude the details here are insane, it looks like the game! Also they referenced some of the other phantom thieves in the final smash which I thought they wouldn’t which is nice and even referenced the other games in the victory screen colors which is even cooler! Also KIRBY HAS A GUN which is the BEST THING EVER. Gotta say they went all out with this one.

  16. I wonder if Palutena doesn't have data because of Joker's wild card, or because he's a Trickster. Also he does have the power to slay gods and the Velvet Room should be unknown even to Palutena. Or maybe Joker is just that good. So many theories. 🤔

    • Harrison Miltner – They've already said that, Piranha Plant aside, all the DLC characters would only have a generic one. (The same applied to the DLC characters in Smash 4.)

  17. Well I didnt get my alternate costume wish. I was hoping youd be able to play as all the phantom thieves, like how bowser jr alternates are the other koopalings. But still happy that Joker is here at all!

  18. When i see that white skin for joker, i want some pancakes.
    Does anybody else feel like having some delicious pancakes when they see that?

  19. The Palutena's Guidance makes sense considering the whole "Phantom Thief" thing, but it still feels like a lazy cop out.

  20. > Joker is the only character that doesn't have a victory announcement.

    > Joker and the announcer shares the same VA.

    Joker is the Smash announcer CONFIRMED.

  21. I’m so happy this happened. Like way to effin happy. When I first heard about thisI was legit like: For real?!

  22. I like how they have all the songs and stuff. But its just still really eyebrow raising, imagine my shock when i first saw the news on my switch about joker being invited to smash.

  23. My rage is overwhelming. They didn't make a new Palutena's guidance for my favorite Jojo character. The bastards

  24. Ok.
    So we gotta Joker.
    No one predicted that. (Expect alpharad, kinda.)
    Who can we REALLY expect to be next?

  25. i tried to see if one of jokers emotes would work like Palutenas guidance because that would just make sense having Futaba and Morgana as characters.

  26. I think jokers purple and red outfits are supposed to be a reference to Person 1 and Persona 2 since purple and red were their main colours.

  27. I CALLED IT, i KNEW his final smash would me the rush thing from the game when you get the "HOLD UP!" thing and you attack instead of befriending

  28. Dlc fighters be like, yo I'm from another demension but the game has fighters from different series, palutena shouldn't know half the characters in the game.

  29. 'It must be an intruder from another dimension!'
    Actually, that's kind of his thing. Anyways, I kind of want to see a gunfight between Jokirby and Bayo-Kirby.

  30. If there was a Ralsei mod for Kirby, Ralsei would be able to have a gun in Smash. Which is one of the best memes out there.

  31. A crocodile has a gun that shoots cannonballs, nobody bats an eye,

    A witch has FOUR guns that's used in all smash attacks and her neutral b, nobody bats an eye,

    But when a pink ball that destroys world's with a single punch uses a gun, everyone's awake…

    K then

  32. Morgana: brutality

    Mortal kombat: hey they are ripping us off!

    Jojo: well at least we were added to smash in some way

  33. I just kinda wish that when Joker summons Arsene, his eyes become yellow like when he has the final smash

  34. I was somewhat peeved that they did the same thing to DLC guidance like Sm4sh. However, it's Nintendo. What do we expect?
    Also, LOVE that Joker's Final Smash has it's OWN victory.

  35. I'm really disappointed that they decided to use the same Palutena guidance dialogue that they used for the all the DLC fighters for Smash 4 for Joker

  36. Morgana: "Are you finally playable in Smash?"
    Joker: "Yes."
    Morgana: "What did it cost?"
    Joker: "Palutena's Guidance…"

    • Joker: "On the bright side, I have 12 victory screens, themes from Persona 3, 4, and 5, and an epic Final Smash! So I think I can live. Besides, with their lack of information… then they'll never see it coming."

  37. I'm sad that they didn't do something with the Palutena's Guidance

    They could've had Futaba join in or something.. I thought they would continue with it like they did with Piranha Plant.. oh well

    At least Kirby has a gun

  38. They seriously couldn’t give DLC fighters Palutena’s Guidance again? I was so hopeful after Piranha Plant…

  39. The Palutena’s Guidance for Joker is probably gonna be the same thing for the other DLC Characters similar to the DLC characters in Smash 4.

  40. Random note- the van only, and always, shows up should Joker win with his persona activated, or at least it seems to be the case.

  41. All paluntena guidance sessions will be the same for all the dlc fighters, which is a shame but it supports my theory that all the dlc fighters will be 3rd party

  42. How do you get Joker’s little eyeflash to pop up on the screen like at 3:49? Can you do it on command or is it entirely random?

  43. I am curious cause I haven't tested it, but does kirby hat appearance change when Joker is in the academy outfit or is it still the same default?

  44. Joker from persona 5 coming to smash

    Nintendo fanboys that didnt know what persona is: I've got no data on this fighter

  45. All this effort and you couldn't be assed to actually make a Palutena's guidance, you made one for piranha plant.

  46. Joker has another victory pose. When his team wins in team battle, but he doesn’t get the most kills, he has another animation.

    • Considering that's exactly how it plays out when you win a battle with an All-Out Attack in P5, I highly doubt it's a glitch.

    • I was kinda hoping they would talk about Joker's Persona, Arsene, but nope. Just "It MuSt Be An InTrUdEr FrOm AnOtHeR dImEnTiOn!"

  47. i relly hope the others dlc characters have this amazing detail in the win animation and the others thinks because oh man thisa is look great

    • Zero Suit Samus, Snake and King K Rool: you 4 are lucky……. people doesn’t even remember the 3 of us uses guns too……

  48. When I heard that Joker was going to be a DLC character, I genuinely thought Joker from Batman was gonna be a fighter in Smash

  49. Only played Persona 3 but makes me so happy to see Joker on this game since Persona 5 looks like it’s full of style, Smash is truly a tribute to games made in Japan.

    The moment we get a NA/EU character in Smash is when ANYTHING is possible.

  50. Is it sad that Kirby does more damage with a gun then Joker himself, like, Kirby does 5%, and Joker does half of that..

  51. Fred: "Alright, 2:44, lets see who you really are….."
    (Pulls of mask)
    "Vegeta , what does the scouter say about his power level?"
    It's………….. OVER 9000!!!!!!

  52. Sakurai wanted Joker in smash just so he could have an excuse to give Kirby a gun

    Honestly I approve