This video has all of the cutscenes from Injustice 2 story mode. I edited out some of the gameplay to keep it short & to make it more entertaining. It’s also in 1 video instead of parts.

Enjoy, it’s about the size of a full-size movie.

Movie Plot: Since the Justice League’s Superman had defeated the One Earth Regime’s High Councillor Superman, Batman and his Insurgency have been working to piece back together the world. This hasn’t been easy as they had to deal with the remnants of the Regime, a new villain group called “The Society,” and the arrival of Brainiac.

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  1. Batman's ending will never bring peace while superman will keep everything in order so which side actually has the good ending? I say superman

    • Tyrannical regimes never bring order. A regime, founded on totalitarian justice; requires a constant supply of 'undesirables' to keep it relevant. Saddam Hussain, never established real order within Iraq. Without 'dissidents' and enemies, dictators cannot validate their position.

  2. The batman ending was better I knew that superman would do something selfish as usual

  3. waitdoesn't anyone care what happened to green arrow and black canarylikethey were there for 5 secondsthen they maybe died?I'm so confused.

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