How To Play Pokemon GO On PC V2 [3 Mins TUTORIAL] Bike, Fake gps, iOS Hacks, Bluestacks Alternative Pokemon Go does not install by itself then you will need to do it manually. Here is how you do it:

Are you sick of the Pokemon Crashes and slow walking in Bluestacks? Then download Nox App Player Emulator To play Pokemon Go On your PC!

Read Description to learn how to get Pokemon Go On PC. strictly legal & educational.

[Check if the server is online:
If it’s offline then you’ll be stuck in loading screen]

Known Bugs or Issues:
The only issue you won’t find on there is the soft-ban issue. You will get a soft-ban if you teleport too far so only teleport once when you pick your location then continue to walk with WASD!

Nox App Player Requirement:

If you have lag, enable VT.
Here is how :

I don’t condone cheating. I believe this guide can save the lives of countless other people and as long as the players aren’t teleporting after picking their first location.

It is also not possible to capture every single gym in a short amount of time because niantic has its own set of rules of when you can capture each gym depending on how far its from each other which makes it impossible to cheat in Pokemon Go.

– How to Prevent soft-ban and Perm ban
Don’t teleport more than once. It is as simple as that or else niantic will most likely ban your account to prevent cheaters in the game.

-This video is used for educational purposes.-

[Tutorial Guide on Installing Pokemon Go on PC (Below)]

Step 0: Uninstall the old Nox App Player from your computer

Step 1: Download Nox Emulator by Clicking “Download Nox App Player Now” (It’s Bundled with an updated version of Pokemon Go):

If it doesn’t come bundle then download the apk file:

Step 2: Start up Nox App Player

Step 3: Install or Click “Custom” to pick a folder.

Step 4: A pop up will appear, click Install

Step 5: Click Start

Step 6: Just wait a minute until Pokemon Go App shows up on its own. Pokemon Go will be Installing in the background.

Step 7: It’s time to click “Virtual Location” tab on the right side of the emulator To prevent GPS Signal not found.

Step 8: Fill in your location and press “Geocode” afterward.

Step 9: Click on “OK” on the bottom right corner.

Step 10: There is a high chance of crashing at this point. so I suggest you restart the Nox Emulator, you need to anyway for GPS to work, but this time “Run it as Admin”

Extra Step if You’re on Windows 10: You will need to set your windows 10 location to off. You can do this by heading
to Settings – Privacy – Location | Then simply Set “location for this device” to off and set Location to off.

Step 11: Launch Pokemon Go

Step 12: Add an Existing Google Account

Step 13: If WASD aren’t working then you must press ctrl+1 or click simulate icon then click the star icon afterward & hit save.

Step 14: You can then press Q or E to walk faster / ride a vehicle from your computer / laptop.

Don’t cheat. Just pick your real location and walk or run around normally ingame by pressing WASD keys. Whatever you do, don’t teleport around or else you’ll get a soft ban which may lead to a perm ban.

You’re done at this point. Nox’s Dev is supporting Pokemon go so I’d suggest you switch over to this emulator instead
of using Bluestacks especially since it is glitchy. You can also walk by using Nox emulator.

fake gps is not needed for pokemon go because Nox already has their own gps built in.

Nox emulator is already rooted.

This is your Pokemon Go Crash Fix on startup. If you’re tired of crashing in Bluestacks then get the Nox App Player.

This is not a sponsored video. The video is for our blog.

Bonus Guide, Pokemon Go Hacks Toolkit List:

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