How High Can You Climb Up in Super Smash Bros 3DS Climb Match? – Kirby

This video shows Kirby climbing up all the way to the top in climb mode and there is no time limit to stop us because we froze the timer. How high can we go up?

Climb Mode is a Four player free-for-all, where the goal is to climb up to the goal on a vertical stage while avoiding Smart Bomb explosions and Danger Zones.

Game: Super Smash Bros. 3DS / SSB3DS

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31 thoughts on “How High Can You Climb Up in Super Smash Bros 3DS Climb Match? – Kirby”

  1. one thing i learned is that the smart bomb explosions doesn't randomly appear on the stage, but instead will always spawn above a players head

    • Promise by Kohmi Hirose a.k.a Get Down (Geddan) meme from a series of stop-motion dance videos mimicking a software glitch in the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007, wherein the characters would suddenly spaz out if the game cartridge was only partially attached to the console.

  2. Boundary breaking much?very strange they would have a top area you would never see and have that repeat. Only by hacking is it possible to reach the top yet its in here as if you could without cheating


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