Gun Gun Pixies full-length Gameplay | Tiny Alien Girls invades a women’s Dorm new trailer for Gun Gun Pixies has arrived.

The guns are filled with “Happy Bullets” which does things like heal stiff shoulders when you shoot a distressed girl.

There will be foes that get in the way of your missions.

There are over 20 various types of underwear, which varies on a daily basis.

You will get to grab butts in this game. That’s insane.

The story:

The protagonist’s mother planet Pandemo and its people have been threatened by another planet. As a result, they’ve lost trust in other people and they now take extreme measures when it comes to communication.

The people from Pandemo no longer get married with each other as the planet’s life sees a drop. As a way to improve the situation, they decide to go to planet Earth in order to study human relations.

Gun Gun Pixies releases in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation Vita.

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