A new timeline in the dragon ball universe has been created. Future Trunks Saga Story Mode.

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    • LT .Chris So what? Kids can't see someone with one arm? Where's the problem? There is actually people in real with only one arm

    • +MrUnshield kids play the game too and most parents would complain because the scene was violent thats why most db games never put one arm

    • +MrUnshield then on top of that for a T rated game theres only so much they could show

    • +NekuThePikachu Well, when DBZ came out in western coutries it was targeted for kids and it was really a problem
      On top of that, as I said there is people in real life with only one arm you don't need to see him loosing it but I think in the end he shouldn't have is arm

  1. I kinda feel like the trunks finding gohan scene was done without as much emotion as the anime scene, but the ending scene between him and gohan was done beautifully.

  2. Probably the saddest moment. Trunks just needed to tell him he'd die and everything would change rip

    • But he told him that and it haven't changed the timeline. Trunks needed to join Gohan against Androids(and change the timeline) to do that.

    • +Captain
      Simply collect all egg fragments from tine zones by making their activities. Then after main story ends,you get the Bardock vs Mira(what if story since they discuss whether he is alive or not) and Trunks timeline dilemma that was earlier in Main Story(where Trunks actually fights with Androids when Gohan wants to "sacriface" and then you decide whether you want the change to stay or you want it to be inverted….. of course she says that it is her decision in total).

    • I think Gohan was going to die even if Trunks had warned him. Not simply for continuity, but because Gohan wouldn't have had it any other way.

  3. How come he has both hands because in the history of Trunks movie he had one arm after the first fight with the androids

  4. Strange..In the animated movie they showed future gohan's face and his hand bleeding,not completely accurate.

  5. I wish they had it to where you could help future trunks get his revenge when he returns after beating cell.

  6. This shit sad as hell. He knows his friend is about to die and he can't do thing about it. SPOILER Its like the ending of Project Almanac.

    • FakeUser NameTwo because, you don't know what happened in the anime and manga, therefore you have no reason to insult anyone and should rather insult yourself, as insults are the only thing you're worthy of being named.

    • gohan has his arm because of the game rating if he lost it the game age rating would be higher

    • MegaTroysmith When gohan died he had only 1 arm but in this scene he has 2 arms. Not safe for kids I guess

  7. Why was this the only scene to be so well put together like this in xenoverse 2, excluding bardock death

  8. OMG best graphics, best actor, best ambiance, best story, It's just a good day to see that !

  9. You know that's gotta be tough… You know one the only 2 people you ever considered family is going to die but you can't save them… especially when even if you do, someone stronger (e.g. beerus, or Xeno) will come and fuck everybody up.

  10. the game was great but really don't like the censoring on dbz that what made it realistic 😢

  11. Honestly, if my character wasn't a time patrol member, and I heard time Kai, he would have activated his golden power, then gained a new platinum power, he would have teleported right behind the time Kai, AND MURDERED HER IN THE COLDEST BLOOD POSSIBLE!

  12. Your character closing his or her eyes when they use the scroll is a nice touch! It shows without telling, "I have to do this…"

  13. Prelude by Slaughter. THE greatest and saddest moment in DBZ history, made amazing also by the soundtrack they chose for that particular scene. Japanese dub, DBS or Xenoverse will never recreate the moment we all watched Trunks turn super saiyan for the first time.

  14. When the people who made xenoverse 2 realized that gohan had two arms when he died, they knew, they fucked up.

  15. imagine dragon ball super but replace the animation with this cutscene CGI

  16. Messing with history may be a bad thing. But living in a world with death and destruction is unacceptable.

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