Fire Emblem Warriors HD cutscenes 1080p HD.

This video contains English Audio with English subtitles of Fire Emblem Warriors Cutscenes.

Japanese version coming soon.

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    • ThePrince6 Lyn is mine out of all of the fire emblem cast tbh. Plus, she slaps takumi, which just makes her even better!

    • ThePrince6 Lyn is mine out of all of the fire emblem cast tbh. Plus, she slaps takumi, which just makes her even better!

    • They said they wanted to save him for the sequel. The sad thing is even though it can still happen, including him would have provided the best chance for a sequel to be developed at all. I'm kind of glad they didn't risk his character legacy for this generic of a plot though, even if it would have been the perfect time for him to finally say "I fight for my friends" with all the friendship going around. They also need to find a decent VA if they can't reuse the one from Heroes.

  1. The actor for Marth of Fire Emblem Heroes is the same as the voice actor for Ben 10 from Ben 10 Omniverse: Yuri Lowenthal.

  2. I ended up playing this game just for Marth and I thought it would be bad. I ended up liking it.

  3. Is the fact that the fanbase likes female Corrin that much? On the other hand, Corrin is pretty generic.

  4. one thing that kind of annyoed me was how Marth and Corrin sort of just pop out of a goddamned bush, like POOF here's some peeps for you/

  5. Wouldn't it be more appropriate if that shield contained stones from Marth, Roy, Ike, Chrom and then Corrin? Or maybe Robin in Chrom's place?

  6. The last and probably the final fire emblem game (sad) but hay at least we got to see some of the heroes in 1 game

  7. I wish Ike and Roy were in this.It would be extremely interesting if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had something like this. Different worlds coming together and fighting evil along side each other in battle. That's including the voice acting. It's so good!

  8. This is confusing: In Super Smash Bros. Male Corrin is the default but in Fire Emblem Warriors: Female Corrin takes the spot LOL! XD

  9. I hate that most of the scenes are taken from the original games,and since this probably plays after Awakening,Chrom forgot his own daughter.Lucina's crying is reasonable.Worst dad ever.

  10. They should have added less popular characters,not like 15 from fates.Why not variety? Like,two from each game.Like,idk:FE1,3,11,12: Marth and CaedaFE2 (and echoes whatever): Alm and CelicaFE4:Sigurd and Seliph.FE5:Leif and QuanFE6: Roy and LilinaFE7:Lyn and HectorFE8:Ephraim and EirikaFE9: Ike and SorenFE10: Ranulf and Tibarn (Because a Laguz or two would be fucking awesome)FE:13: Chrom and RobinFE14:Xander and RyomaSo,in other words,the main lords of the series,and then some additional villains:ArvisTravantSephiranLyonZephielEtc.

  11. So let me sum this up: The two placeholders for actual characters lose their mom to a weird invasion, run around, get saved Deus ex machina style, stumble into all the people whose stories I enjoyed much more, then meet the people from Fates Deus ex machina style but WAAAIT they still hate each other oh wait they dont. Hey! That dude from Super Smash Bros Melee is here and happens to save the day Deus ex machina style!They receive the sacred stones, get swords and hear a story about how everything was fine until evil dragon made everything bad. Blah blah blah fire emblem complete OH NO OLD FRIEND IS EVIL! Everyone unites because we're already two thirds into the game. You try to remember all the side characters name while performing Ninja Turtles level Friendship Magic.Oh an evil king… Again…Oh Mom is alive! But she will die unless heroes give up awakening style and they do. Oh wait he wants to kill her anyways DEUS EX MACHINA for the 53rd time this time by Whiny Archer brother. Evil dragon wants to return. evil friend is sad and wants to die.Heroes are sad bc still friends. Whoopsie he dies I think. CHAOOOOOOS DRAAAAAGOOONHERE Hero! Take the conveniently places superweapon that kills dragons. I realize heroe's Mom is a Milf.Crying.exe Wait guys remember that dragon is still around? launching Apocalypse.exe Heroes unite again. Failure: Apocalypse.exe can't be launched.Is it… Over? We should all be friends. We all are heroes.Let's go home.Heroes finally gone.friendship.exeIs it really over? I hope it is. I hate this awful story, the artstyle is painful and the lead characters are thinner than my faith in the american presidency. Star Wars A new Hope Parade sceneOh hey it's actually over! God this was painful. It's the worst Fire Emblem I ever played and destroyed my faith in Nintendo and God. What even was this about? Why were there so many irrelevant characters that just saved the day a single time and then fell into Oblivion? All this fanservice for a mediocre game? And for this I bought a NEW 3DS? I want to die.Metacritic: 95%

  12. Lucina's intro is the same as hers in Awakening.Chrom and Lissa is the same, with them standing over the protagonist, or one of them in this case.

  13. Ugh, the cliches! The classic and overused "power of friendship" plot that supposedly can help you overcome anything. Getting tired of this unoriginal plot in some games and action anime.

  14. one thing that the devs got right was lucina's mark. at least it was permanent instead of appearing at random scenes like in awakening

  15. They said that Roy and Ike aren’t here because they wanted to keep them safe for a sequel. I need my boi.

  16. Sooo FE fans , this is the first complete thing that I see of a fire emblem game , I'm interested now , what game you recommend me to star?

  17. Came here for female Robin.No female Robin.Okay, time for the alternative goal.Came here for some Tipped Scales.WHERE ARE MY TIPPED SCALES!?

  18. This is like infinity war when like you need all the gleamstones and thanos needs all the infinity stones
    They already got the Reality Stone, The Space Stone, the Power Stone,

  19. If this game were to have a sequel, I think it would need more characters then the one in previous games.

  20. The chaos dragon cutscene scared me when I first watched the cutscenes for Fire Emblem: Warriors

  21. Who else think it would be amazing to see Ike in this?! I think he would be the most powerful of all of them!

  22. You know I wish this game had Ike and Roy were in this game so that the gleamstones of Xander and Ryoma were Ike's and Roy's.

  23. It's because they are from another timeline, the order is like this.First: Fire Emblem (from where Marth is come)Fire Emblem Awakening (from Chrom and Lucina)Fire Emblem Fates (from Corrin, Ryoma and Xander)

  24. For some reason they managed to make it so that I recognized at least 1 hero from each world.Marth, Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, Lucina, Owain, Corrin, Xander, and Ryoma.F to pay respecc to Roy & Ike.SSBM – Low tier garbagePath of Radiance – also Low tier garbage

  25. 15:46Me: O…Kay…What about Ike, Roy, and most important to me, Male Corrin? Is he in the story? My secondary in smash has gotta be in this, right?Weebs and Joycon boyz: ;:((No offense, Etika fans.; just stating the truth)

  26. wait wait wait if lucina , chrom ,and robin got sent back to there world where would they live didn't there world get destroyed by grima

  27. So does having Male Robin and Female Corrin (with the other gender being unlockable) mean that we have questionablely canon genders for the two

  28. "I'm sure we'll find another way out of the castle. Now…get going."6 seconds laterblood curdling scream

  29. I just realised…nobodys ever talked about putting these characters in heroes….Just food for thought


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