Final Fantasy XV Behind The Scenes – Voice Cast

The game�۪s main voice cast share their passionate memories of recording the FF15 game as well as their thoughts on being part of Final Fantasy history.

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41 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Behind The Scenes – Voice Cast”

  1. I love Ray Chase. He's such a great guy both in character and as himself. He's the kinda guy who who knows how to roll with something and have fun with it. Especially as the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts.

  2. This game is probably the best one. I've seen and played a lot of them. This one reminds me of ff7 but in better form with the writing and delivery of the characters

  3. I'm with Ray. VIII is great! That's my favorite too, along with VI, X, XII, and XIII.

  4. I met Chris Parson in July and he was awesome! I plan to meet Adam next July! My goal is to meet all the chocobros!

  5. I always loved to become voice actor. I'm jealous of them.Some people have to give up on their dreams. It's reality.

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