Dragon Ball FighterZ All Character Intros + Outros Transformations every Victory Poses so far.

00:00 – Super Saiyan Goku
00:22 – Future Trunks
00:50 – Frieza
01:26 – Golden Frieza
01:44 – SSJ Vegeta
02:07 – Android 18 w/ Android 17
02:35 – Krilin
03:01 – Piccolo
03:22 Android 16
03:47 – Perfect Cell
04:15 – SSJ2 Gohan / Teen Gohan
04:38 – Majin Boo

These are all the characters intros from Dragon Ball FighterZ that are released so far

We will need to include:
Android 21
SSB Goku
SSB Vegeta
Tien Shinhan (w/ Chiaotzu)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Playlist www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLle__6dXGka4etfDzpxqSxQO_trccogsO

These ultimate moves are similar to Super smash bros Final smashes & Finishing moves.

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  1. whos going to be the guest fighterz? usually a fighting game has guest fighters from other games or products just for fun. Maybe dDragon Ball Fighterz will have a guest or few to fill out the roster.


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