Detective Pikachu is ready to crack the case!

00:05:42 Chapter 1 Tahnti Park
00:21:47 Chapter 2 Litwit Cave
00:35:41 Chapter 3 PCL
01:11:11 Chapter 4 Cappucci Island
01:37:55 Chapter 5 Fine park
01:48:10 Chapter 6 GNN
02:14:46 Chapter 7 Ryme Wharf
02:30:25 Chapter 8 Where R Goes
02:59:20 Chapter 9 Pokemon Carnival

The game follows a peculiar talking Pikachu who, despite not being as powerful and nimble as other Pikachu of his kind, is rather intelligent and claims to be a great detective.

One day, Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, who is able to understand what he is saying. Thus, the two begin working together to solve various mysteries revolving around Pokémon in the city.

Detective Pikachu is for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you can team up with the self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve a puzzling case and discover a possible connection to the mysterious Mewtwo.

Chapter 7 title card since I forgot to add it in the video:

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    • mebela I hear ya.
      the way Pikachu sounds in this game, compared to the way he usually sounds in the anime, just doesn't make any sense! Why would they make Pikachu's human voice sound SO deep and gruff that it just doesn't match his form?
      If you ask me, it would've been better if Pikachu's voice sounded more like a rebellious twelve-year old.

    • kisame2 if you watched the walkthrough, there's really no reason to pay $40 for it, especially because of the ending too. The only thing worth it is probably the Detective Pikachu amiibo.

  1. All of this cutscenes just tells me you really need a good insurance plan in the Pokemon World since Pokemon will F$%& your stuff up.

  2. who else sat here on their chair with coke and popcorn watching this video a guy batched together

  3. Nice job, hopefully in the movie (or a sequel game) we'll finally find his dad. It seems unfair he went through all that and still couldn't find him.

  4. All that and he still couldn't find the father? At least Tim made a new friend, I guess that's what this game was about.

  5. wait did he trade his ability to use moves to speak like mewoth did.also, i was expecting them to find his father at the end

  6. 😒😓😖😫… I… Don't understand… Why in the world… they put this grave voice… On a Freakin' Pikachu…

  7. I'm still surprised they made a Pokemon game where Pokemon can talk, sort of like in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, except in this game Pikachu the only one who can talk like a person and only Tim can understand him.

    Edit: PS. thank you for making this video I've been wanting to see the cutscenes of this game.

  8. Am I the only one who has no problem with Pikachu's voice? Considering his character I think it fits.

  9. Dark story: during the car crash Pikachu and the human died,the humans soul was transfered to pikachu making it resurrected i think thats why it can talk like an adult

  10. I see Few Things Wrong With This Game:
    First Off, Wtf, How does Pikachu have such a deep voice?
    Second off, In The Second Cutscene where they follow the airpom, they walk past a potential clue, AND THEN ITS GONE IN THE NEXT SCREEN CHANGE (while they might be walking, they aren't walking THAT fast)

  11. You know what? This just works! I thought I would find it cringey and just wrong, but it just works with that attitude for Pikachu. Weak story with an abvious cliffhanger at the end, but pure entertainment nonetheless!

    Anyone else looking forward to Detective Pikachu 2: Where art thou Harry?

  12. I have a strong feeling that the cliffhanger is a sign that they may do a sequel if this game gets enough attention. but I hope it still does since I want to know more about what could have happen to Tims dad and what Mewtwo means of Harry being somewhere and that Pikachu and Tim will find him. but either way, I hope Emilia joins them cause she proofs she is a big help to them and seems to get caught up in the investigations.

  13. 9:38 "This feather is yours, right?"

    If I was that Murkrow: "Dude, there's like an infinite number of Murkrows. Why you gotta assume it was just me HUH? You think just because you found a black feather, it's immediately a Murkrow, that's messed up! Get the hell outta my face you racist vermin!"

    • GFY, The James! Ryan Reynolds is doing the voice to the movie next year and it is going to be an awesome film, plus the guy that did the voice in the game did awesome.

  14. Whats with the boring names here?! Is it just me? Or did these people give up on makeing REAL names here?! 😳😤

  15. another game where my name is part of the villians:
    1. pokemon duel: the roger´s
    2. detective pikachu: roger
    why life :´v

  16. Thanks for compiling this! I watched for reference when putting together my Detective Pikachu NOT-REVIEW the other day. ^^

    • I actually like this voice. It fits with the detective vibe Pikachu gives off and its lets annoying than Pikachu's actual voice

  17. XD when he says Scorpio get over here he sounds like scorpion from mortal kombat I think it's a Easter egg

  18. Did they play a mystery dungeon and turn the kids father into a Pikachu? Haven’t played this game and probably won’t so don’t know what’s going on, Ultra Sun until we get Pokemon switch for me

  19. Thank you for making this movie!!! I loved watching it! It was great!!! Especially since people take forever to upload game plays~

  20. so is there a go west young meowth style flashback where we learn how a pikachu learns to talk or is this one of those its best not to think about it situations

  21. Well, the beginning is just Mystery Dungeon OST-like, inside a city! The characters' movements and expressions are really well made…just the graphics are too pixelated. Oh dear, there's another Pikachu there and every time a scene ends it's time for Detective Pikachu's recap, how boring…it's a pity because the plot seems interesting! Accelgor is the most interesting partner here I would love to have one too! Well, I hope they won't give us a "part 2" or DLC because there's no need for them. Bye.

  22. I don’t think anybody notice how many hints and answers this game gave us
    Like guys
    Ash is in a new unknown area
    And apparently there’s island with Pokémon specifically with two generations only
    Where the main character is most of the time 5/6 gen Pokémon are all over the place
    And when he travels to a different island it’s full of 3/4 hens
    The new switch game has a thing saying there’s multiple island
    So could it be like this
    I pray to god it is
    We also got jokes from Pokémon spin game mask
    And the people are clueless that drifbloom can actually pick children up and drop then to def
    There’s a lot of more stuff but this could be some what relatable to the new switch game because both were started roughly around the same time
    My god billions of questions have been answered by this
    Even hits to secret passageways like gen 5 in the library
    And the scale of the Pokémon is correct which is cool

  23. I swear I heard about this concept years ago, and now it’s here. This is absolutely absurd and I love it! Thanks for uploading.

  24. The moment I heard Pikachu say, "Bolt of Brilliance," I flippin' knew that was OWAIN!!!! I literally had to stop and hear it again; then looked up the voice actor, and confirmed, Owain became a Pikachu in another life… (*sighs*) Oh boy..

  25. Hey the voice of Kenny from Bleach in HERE!!! Ahh never heard him speak nice before the guy who is currently running the Barker's!!

  26. Carlos sounds like Hector from fire emblem and no one can convince me otherwise. I swear they must have the same voice actor

  27. Please dont count this as one of the actual movies, I hate the whole detective pikachu idea, the games, the movies just everything.

  28. you know other people can't read as fast as you.
    you should of thought of that before u posted this on youtube!!!

  29. * looks up Pikachu's voice actor * OMG it's the same guy who voices Tsumugu (Kill la Kill). Now I can't unsee it lol.

  30. So, based on the cutscenes. I'm guessing Tim's Father was either.

    A: Involved with Team Rocket

    B: Died and was resurrected as a Pikachu (Mystery dungeon style)

    C: Was involved with MewTwo (who knows everything but refuses to tell)

  31. Pikachu used Amnesia!
    Tim didn't buy it!

    Tim used Rock Throw!
    It wasn't very effective on the opposing Glalie…

    Pikachu used Electroweb!
    The opposing Gengar was caught!

    Spritzee used Sweet Scent!
    Pikachu is infatuated!

  32. Why are so many people complaining about Pikachu's voice? It fits the game way better than its regualr voice and it sounds better than its normal voice. I don't think I can take the entire game with Pikachu's regualr voice the whole time. A deeper voice fits the detective theme rather than a light squeaky voice.

  33. Jesus Christ I haven't got this game yet so I don't know but it looks like there's more cutscenes to this game than they actually is gameplay also I did not watch the video yet

  34. Honestly this game has a lot of promise. The idea is like an (as everyone has already mentioned.) a Pokemon Ace Att. So that's an interesting take Nintendo I congratulate you on dipping your toes in unfarmilar waters (other than Mystery Dungeons and ect.) But, to me I like that Pokemon can have different voices, and I like his voice as a pikachu. It's just kinda takes me out of it when he's talking to young boy, so it might be that I'm just use to the higher pitch pikachu but hey I might get use to it. And as well to me the human designs just don't clash well with the Pokemon because there 2 completely different styles like the Pokemon are simplistic and have unrealistic details, but the people look more realistic and proportional. I dunno the people to me just reach the uncanny valley…. Overall I don't think this is a terrible looking game.

  35. I'm sorry i just cant get over pikachu's voice XD but at the same time i can see ash's pikachu with the similar voice(after over 20 years of pokemon if ash ever aged XD)

  36. You know, when people said they wanted Danny Devito to play Pikachu, I'm fairly sure they were just joking.

  37. Something about this reminds me of Sonic Unleashed. Maybe because the way the people in this game look

  38. Glad they went with a deeper voice, but I admit I wish they'd called in Devito. That would've been beyond epic.



    • Aiga Edits It’s Owain Dark from Fire Emblem: Awakening. How dare you insult a voice actor with such talent.

  40. I love games like this, which flesh out the world of Pokemon. We get to see actual cities and explore them, and we also get to see Pokemon living in these cities. Stuff like this are things I can respect and appreciate.

  41. Little disappointed that some of my favorite pokemons weren't In the game like Zoroark, Absol, Lucario, the Eeveelutions, Lycanroc, etc. Yes, I know they don't have to put almost every pokemon in one game.

    • Darnell Edwards Eevee is in the Detective Pikachu prologue story that can be bought as an ebook.

  42. mew mewtwo mew pikachu : mm hm so where were when it happen mewtwo me : MEW mewtwo mew mew pikachu : ok thats all i need to know

  43. Is this made by a different company? I noticed the humans have a different look then in the traditional Pokemon games.

  44. Haven't even played the game and just from the intro I can predict that pikachu with the hat is the kid's dad somehow.

  45. What is this madness i see!?
    A big city with that many buildings, but next to no cars or people out and about?! I can honestly believe a talking Pikachu more than i can believe that…

  46. Only looking at this vid for only a few seconds: Wow Pikachu can actually talk like a human dude in this game? Now I've seen everything?

  47. The pokemon sound so fake it hurts. HootHoot sounded like it didn't want to be there. And I thought the anime was the only one that allowed pokemon to say their name. The creator intentionally wanted pokemon to make noises like in the manga.

  48. Okay Game, you're not allowed to set up a mystery at the beginning then never solve it – or give any sort of hints toward its solution.

    I still think either the dad and his pikachu merged, or they swapped bodies.

  49. Pikachu sounds like a grown man, which is a beautiful thing but I wish he sounded more like Danny Devito or Jason Alexander

  50. It's kind of weird considering Pikachu usually has a quite Kawaii sugu voice. Then you are suddenly hit with the very grown up and deep voice.

  51. Tim Goodman: Johnny Yong Bosch (English)/Yuma Uchida (Japanese)
    Detective Pikachu: Dan Green (English)/Toru Okawa (Japanese)

  52. Every Pikachu is different. Not one is the same. Just like T.R.'s Meowth and other meowths… I'm okay with this Pikachu talking. By the way, wow… 3 hours of cutscenes? Wow… this game must really be a satisfying long playthrough.

  53. Do you think people can be given more time to play the game before the cutscenes are spoiled for them? Just a hint for next time.

  54. The universe in this game seems like the most accurate and realistic deception if Pokemon were real as compared to the games manga and anime

  55. Can we all just appreciate how Tim is the only pokemon protagonist who acknowledges that his father is mysteriously missing.

  56. Whelp, either a sequel is in the works (depending on how well this does) or future DLC. Who knows? This is a nifty little game.

  57. …Please tell me there's an option to change the audio to Japanese?? Danny Davito-chu freaks me out.

    Also, Mewtwo's voice is horrible. What happened to the original VA who voice him in Pokemon The Movie 2000?

  58. How in Gods name could there be over 3 hours of cutscenes in a detective Pikachu game?! They should've made an origins movie before the game.

  59. What.

  60. Ok like in the pkm movie " I choose u" I didn't to expect pikachu to talk that was shocking to me but they make a game with this yellow battery that talks and solves stuff for a living now lol and is this even the same pikachu (ash pikachu) or a diff pikachu just with a hat and has lots of attitude:p

  61. I actually enjoyed this. The game seems great although I have to point out they definitely took some inspiration from the movie ted. I think subconsciously that’s why I watched the whole thing lol. Even the last part where pikachu pretends to not be able to talk to Tim, watch the end of ted where he pretends to have lost brain function lmao 🤣 just pointing out some similarities.

  62. This is my opinion is it just me or the voice is like Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
    This is just and Opinion of mine

  63. I just realized the first cut scene with the pikachu is actually tim's dad and a Pikachu which was the present for tim but the accident caused pikachu and tim's dad to fuse after the crash

  64. I think Pokémon company should do more experimental games like this, it does world building and creates unique game experiences!

  65. I'm gonna take a WILD GUESS-BUT THE Talking Pikachu MUST BE The kid's dad-I mean hello? He and his pikachu got caught in a car accident, something odd caused his soul to end up in the pikachu's body-THUS HE AND PIKACHU FUSED TOGETHER. It's that simple! ANd i know it's total spoilage or something, but it makes sense from the opening.

  66. If this were a cartoon, I’d SOOOOOOOOO watch it!

    I think I’d have to duck outta the room when they got to “Poké-law and Poké-order: Special Poké-Victims Unit,” tho. Something about sexually abused Pokémon…sorta invigorates the imagination, if u kno what I mean. O_O lol!

  67. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Or that by the end you know as much as at the start, the greatest mystery is that they never solved the main story.

  68. Hm, so the newest pokemon movie showed pikachu talking in a cute voice and uh… Now this, It's kinda cringey but I like it…. I think.

  69. Whaaaaaaaaaa😱 pikachu can talk? How many years have I been out of the pokemon loop, to miss this evolution. 🤔🤔 am I that old?

  70. I’m still on the fence about getting this, because on one hand Detective games aren’t really my thing but on the other it’s Pokémon. Thanks for making this, as this will help me! It shows off the game without giving away any gameplay spoilers. Well done!

    • Detective Pikachu's incessant womanizing is his way of dealing with his PTSD from nearly dying in the car crash

  71. HEY HIS NAME IS NOT I REPEAT NOT TIM OTTMAN ITS TIM GOOD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. The humans look like Disney characters. Like Pokemon meets Kingdom Hearts series with a Great Mouse Detective theme (since that's the name of a Disney movie and Pikachu is a mouse).

  73. You'd think in a world where pokemon exist people would be able to keep the wild ones out of their cities.

  74. I don't know if anyone else has thought this but maybe Harry and Pikachu got fused together like Bill did in the Gen 1 games. So maybe it's both Harry and his Pikachu sharing a body like Nina and Alexander from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood minus the misery and death part.

  75. maybe Tim really IS crazy and this was a drug induced coma the whole time! dun dun DUN! . . . or, you know a normal coma. . .

  76. I think harry Goodman could of sort off transformed or went into pikachu because pikachu sounds like a grown man a good detective and mr baker said pikachu never used to drink coffee before the incidence and harry loved coffee

  77. I am still confused why they didnt go where the accident happened… I mean isnt it normal for them to go to the crime scene first if they wanna solve a case? It cant be just it would be to dangerous after what they went throu in this

  78. poor mimikyu your been rejected. never mind your a my favorite in my team each time i play Pokemon smogon and wifi battle. I love you Mimikyu and i think everyone agree with me in Pokemon Smogon and wifi battle.

  79. The story line with bezerk Pokemon sounds like that "going Savage" thing from Zootopia. This game was also announced before Zootopia too…

  80. For the longest time I thought it was Meiko. At 24:30 she could have noticed that he ordered pikachu to use thunderbolt and fail. Plus, she had recorded two to three of the incidents. So I thought, “OH, OF COURSE YOU WOULD COINCIDENTALLY BE PRESENT AT ALL OF THE INCIDENTS.”
    I was practically yelling, “IT’S MEIKO!” at 3:06:36. When it wasn’t: 🤯

    Oh and you gotta love 3:10:55.


  82. Detective pikachu was talking to ash pikachu no lies ash pikachu was talking about ash and his pikachu future

  83. Because of the car accident, Pikachu lost his memory. The broken vial that was found was a vial found in the nearby research lab. That means the vial was used. Pikachu was the only one in the car with Harry. Harry likes coffee, Pikachu likes coffee. A BOLT OF BRILLIANCE! Pikachu is Harry.

  84. Imagine if in the movie they have Pikachu's human voice for transition between him and Detective Pikachu.
    DP: Hey, so you know that kid couldn't understand you right?
    Pikachu: Ha! Yeah, no one understands us. We're pokemon.
    DP: He understands me just fine.
    Pikachu: Nice try, but come on–
    DP: No seriously, look. Hey kid! Get me a snack will ya?
    Kid: Um, sure. Alright, I'll go get one.
    Pikachu: What the hell?! How is it that your kid can understand you and get you a snack when you want, yet mine can't do the same or realize when I'm trying to warn him that Team Rocket is staring him in the face plotting to steal me again?
    DP: Uhhhh, who's Team Rocket exactly? And why are they trying to steal you, seemingly over and over again?
    Pikachu: I'll make it simple. A trio of villainous stalkers want to steal me for their boss.
    DP: Um, okay. Yikes. Hey, you want me to look into that? Maybe get them arrested or something?

  85. My theory is that detective pikachu probably fuse with harry when the car accident happened which made pikachu can talk like if agree

  86. About a lot of the voices in this game, came from voice actors who play the voices in anime. Which is awesome.

  87. whenever Pikachu says "A bolt of brilliance!" something happens
    What happens if nothing happens at all

  88. That was ashes pikachu! 37:29 and 'I wanna be, the very best. LIke no o9ne ever was. DUDUDUDDU' 'To catch them is my real test, to train them is mah cause' POKEMON GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!