Cuphead & Byleth Final Smash, All Victory Pose, Kirby Hat, & Palutena Guidance – Smash Bros Ultimate

In this video, we show the most interesting things we can do with Cuphead & Byleth + other things in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch

Everything this smash bros ultimate video has:

00:02 Byleth
00:03 Battle Entrance
00:10 Victory Animations
01:30 Palutena’s Guidance
00:42 Byleth Final Smash
02:12 Female Byleth Final Smash
02:01 Male Byleth Taunts
02:26 Female Byleth Taunts
02:38 Alternate Colors & Skins + Clap Animation
02:57 Titles on Boxing Ring
02:37 Byleth Kirby Hat
04:10 Byleth vs final boss in Classic Mode
05:41 Byleth Classic Mode Ending
06:09 Fire Emblem: Three Houses Spirits
02:57 New Mii Fighters Costumes

06:56 Cuphead
06:57 Battle Entrance
7:06 Victory Animations
7:36 Palutena’s Guidance
8:05 Cuphead Final Smash
8:26 Alternate Colors & Skins + Clap Animation
8:47 Titles on Boxing Ring
9:07 Cuphead Kirby Hat
9:54 Sans Final Smash on Cuphead

Cuphead & Byleth has been added with the 7.0 Update, you can unlock them now by purchasing the DLC.

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