Crash bandicoot is getting remasters for Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot 3 with the help of Sony.

In exchange Activision will have Crash bandicoot make an appearance in skylanders, this is probably a good time too while the public is somewhat happy

(Activision still owns the ip of Crash)

But how will Crash bandicoot remaster graphic look like? I wonder… I just hope the remasters don’t look anything like that Skylanders design.

Update: It’s too early to tell, but it seems that sony is planning on blowing our minds with the Crash bandicoot remastered trilogy.

They’re going to remake everything from the ground up with better artstyle/graphics.

E3 2016 Trailers:

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    • +Angel Caban Just wathc it when they upload teh VOD tomorrow, and u'll see what im talking about

      I did the same when Shenmue 3 was announced, and boy, that was fun

  1. Sony is handling Crash bandicoot remaster, so it's up to sony to make the graphic super insane now

  2. O boy… crash looks so ugly in skylanders lol…. Well since sony is working on the remaster then I'm assuming Crash will look much better than what we saw in this footage

  3. Of course, I got so hype when I heard crash was coming back like a month ago and then this shit happens, WHAT THE HELL, hopefully the remastereds are good

    • wow mad over a toy? really? your acting like they changed his entire look and he's gonna look the same as he did in the old games in the remastered versions come out just with new graphics

    • That was the deal Sony had to make with Activision in order for them to make the remasters.

  4. …………………………………………………………..fuck you activision

  5. We waited 8 years for a new crash we get remastered everyone gets mad logic is not found

  6. Just as I expected, Activision took a massive shit on Crash Bandicoot's corpse. I hope to God the remasters are good.

  7. Damn. Crash looks pretty good. Kind of like the cartoon intro of Crash 1 made into 3D. The hype.

  8. First Spyro now Crash, who's next? Jak?, Sly?, Ratchet? This has to stop before its to late.

  9. I think of this as a test for the remastered games and skylanders to see if he's popular

  10. Nice things:
    1. Crash appearance is not completely horrible,
    2. Crash is just a guest, he will not be killed as Spyro
    3. this game doesnt hurt the nice platformer/childhood image I have from Crash
    4. CRASH is back!

    And of course, Activision did only a little for making the come back true, Sony make all the job! So, thanks Sony 🙂

  11. At least it's classic crash in skylanders, seriously why are people mad?

    They are finally remaking the original crash games, like nothing after that can possibly make me feel any disappointment. If anything it's a mini crash toy i can buy, skylanders are physical things right?

    • Exactly, He's only a guest character in skylanders hell thats good cause more younger kids will find out who he is and if they love him that will increase his popularity and the demand for more crash games.

  12. ruin spyro?
    sure go ahead i dont give shit about him
    ruin crash?
    youve gone too fucking far you shits

    • In what way did they ruin crash? he's only a guest character..More kids will now know who he is, that will increase the popularity of crash which will increase the chances of more crash games. Also activision made this deal with Sony, Sony can make the remasters as long as he Appears in skylanders.

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm…………. was almost…. but no…..

    yooka layle made me more excited

  14. well guess playstation is just another activision considering they did ….THIS this is not crash bandicoot people. Look people,sony and activision have been working together for a little while and if sony ever cared they would have bursted at activision and say give crash another game screw skylanders be for the fans this time,revive the franchise, put us back to the era of the platformer buuuut noooooo now activision is just going to milk crash to death and sony is just going to watch and smile. its sad when you think about it and he has remasters! I hope sony can make up for what they did and revive the franchise cause I'm not even sure if I can even touch my PS4 controller right now. And I'm not saying the remasters are a bad thing. I hope that sony can just make crash the'yre mascot again. right now I'm kinda a xbox.

  15. He looks better than spyro, so i dont know why everyone is so upset. I'm literally just glad to see him again.

  16. I don't see nothing bad with it…in fact, let's think a bit: it's better to have the original trilogy (arguably the best CB games) well remastered, than to have a new game be a trainwreck…so let's be patient, ok? also, it's only a remaster, not a remake, so they shouldn't change Crash's design or anything

  17. if they do a remaster, they better do one for spyro too, my child hood was shat on by the cringe filled Skylanders

  18. I don't know if my memory is getting bad cause of age, but I don't remember as a child playing Crash Bandicoot along with that Red-face Mohawk, Squidward, Banana Cowboy and others. What does Skylanders have to do with Crash? Why are Crash's teeth and eyes yellow?

    • I think most of Crash's fans were waiting for a new real Crash game. I'm personnaly very disapointed to see this…

    • Yes, that's what I'm saying, I don't think that people want remastered Crash games but new ones. And I don't see how they plan to sell a lot with Skylanders, or at least I don't think that Skylanders' players should be the target to decide if they're going to make new games but I can only hope that this will work and that we'll see new Crash games soon

    • +MrUnshield me to cuz I love crash but I think they probably made an agreement or something where they said hey if these sell you can make a new game

    • +MrUnshield look what happened with ratchet and clank… A remastered trilogy and now a new game on the PS4. Anything can happen especially for someone as popular as crash once was

  19. It's up to us and sony now. Sony better make the remaster look super amazing… and it's up to us to support it to the max so we can get a new crash bandicoot.

  20. Lol who cares if he's a guest in Skylanders, he's only a guest character..Its not like they did anything wrong to him. We are getting the remasters, it was the deal activision made with Sony. I have no issue with him being in Skylanders cause now todays kids will experience him in skylanders and if they show enough interest in the character, the demand for more crash games will increase.

  21. or maybe guys, you could make a new crash game, or we'll have to wait another 8 years.

  22. Oh Jesus fuck no….he looks like those old ugly mascot costumes…I'm praying to God that the remasters are good….

  23. The Skylanders part should've been better as an April Fool's prank, but nope. This is a thing

  24. Seeing how they fucked Spyro in Skylanders at least Crash's desing is somewhat… relatable to it's original

  25. We Need Crash Bandicoot for all consoles (Ps3, Xbox etc…) Please we love Crash Bandicoot

  26. Sony's soooo cheap and poor they felt they need to sell their own MASCOT and betray themselves and their consumers. who does that? imagine Nintendo selling Mario to EA. unthinkable

    (Snooty voice) Looks like Activision didn't "ruin" another gaming icon after all.
    In fact they're remastering the original games so stop complaining and be happy he's still around.

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