You can choose to capture Morty or choose to let him make his Godzilla Movie, so what happens when you pick the other option? Let’s find out.

All Choices in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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  1. So you just capture them this time around and don't turn them into decorative art pieces for your mansion? Lol

  2. I decided to spare him

    Imagine if Morty finished editing and show the film to the world, can you imagine how famous Luigi will be? He’ll be more famous than Mario!

  3. Even Luigi realizes how cruel it is to capture Morty. He gave the most unenthusiastic “Oh yeah” afterward

  4. That’s such a cool touch. Haven’t actually got to this part of the game but I just rlly like that you have a choice and get to see the finished movie

  5. It would be more happier when Morty escapes the crumbling hotel and joins the Mario Bros on their adventure

  6. Morty would be like, “My movie career is complete. I see you are capturing ghosts. Take me to complete your collection. As my movie star, you are always welcome to see our movie.”

    • what about madame clairvoya? she helped luigi in the first game and they made you capture her to move on

    • @alex tessman but she wanted to be captured as she says "… so I can return to my painting satisfied. Send me there now, you vacuum-wielding rogue! Ahhhhh! Finally, I can return in peace to my painting… Sweet happiness in oils… I thank you… I thank you, kind Luigi!"

    • @alex tessman thing is. She asks to be captured when you do. Morty however didn't asked to be captured. He just wants to make a movie.

  7. THE GUY HAS 25 HP!?!? Man, Nintendo’s really making you feel bad for capturing him instead of leaving him be.

  8. I think the reason Morty is friendly is because he doesn't care about Hellen Gravely's plan,the only thing he wanted was to be a great actor in history.

  9. Even Luigi felt kinda bad for capturing Morty if you hear his "oh yeah…", but at least Morty might feel comfortable in the case he is in, probably thinking on staring luigi and gooigi in another movie

  10. Morty:
    Hi, i'm a good movie director
    I'm about end this man's whole career

    Edit: jesus christ, i didn't know this would have so many likes

  11. As soon as I saw Morty gasping for air on his desk, I couldn't leave him like that. I felt really bad when I did it too…

  12. or just wait until he finishes the movie, comeback the next day watch the movie then catch him. that’s what i did 🤷‍♂️

  13. Finally…. somebody let Morty finish his masterpiece. Morty's the type of ghost you have Friday (movies nights) with for sure 👍😁.

  14. I like to think Morty fulfilled his dreams, and believes he has no more prupose, so he lets you capture him to complete your collection. Shame too, to Morty's really the only friendly ghost in the hotel and I really liked him. But my completionist urge got the best of me. At least I captured him after he made the movie.

  15. I actually did that well maybe
    When me my sister and my dad had defeated godzilla in the game
    I said lets check on the director
    Next my dad swoped him in the ghost machine me and my sister were in complete shock we said your horrible how could you do that he was so nice!!

  16. I remember when I accidentally flashed him and my brother just smacked the controller out of my hand and said “come on man, he seems nice”

  17. 5:47 ”Morty is the first and only boss that is able to live a happy life outside his cage.”

    Me: He’s able to what and have a happy huh?!?’

  18. If you capture him now luigi's says"oh yeah" but if you capture him later luigi's says"oh yeah" but more quiet so diffrent

  19. I caught him right after he finished editing the movie
    But then i feel guilty for doing so
    This man is too nice to be caught

  20. heck…i captured him really early on the game…shouldve make him rest in peace and finish his masterpiece 🙁
    Thanks Nintendo I feel bad now

  21. this Godzilla ghost battle was so fun but the main puzzle to solve on the 8th floor was so frustrating

  22. I think this would be less sad if Morty gave you the ok to capture him after he finished his movie. Kind of like how Madame Clairevoya did in LM1.

  23. I obviously would Spare him. Hes kind and he never intended to hurt us. Also hes my fav ghost of te game

  24. I sucked him up because I thought he’d give me another elevator button, but he didn’t…I should’ve spared him

  25. look
    if your someone who will complete something to the end then at least let Morty finish the film
    he didnt attack luigi, in fact he Encouraged luigi to do better and be better, so if your going to complete the gallery let him be satisfied and some what ready to leave the world

  26. i really wish you could do the same with Melody Pianissima in the first game , and in exchange for sparing her , you get to have some music variations that she is playing for you

  27. Wait, does the movie show actual footage of you playing, or is it just prerecorded and what you do in the battle doesn’t effect it?

    • Prerecorded. My Luigi got hit by the fireball and fell in a different direction, but on the film, he fell into the exact same direction that this Luigi fell in.

  28. Is there a difference in how he looks like when he is captured after finishing and before finishing his film in collection?

  29. Even though you feel guilty of sucking up Morty, he’s just chillin in his own little case compared to Dr Potter

    • However, unlike the other ghosts, he would have completed his unfinished business and can pass on to the next world.

  30. Well now I feel bad. I just did it to see what would happen. He has so little HP is was over so quickly. 😢

  31. I captured Morty, but now I kinda felt bad for it. He wasn’t really a bad ghost compared to the others. If this was like with TellTale games, having the option to capture or spare him would give us different endings for the game depending our action.

  32. E gadd: makes technology that includes a goo clone, sucking up, and a bright flashlight

    Also e gadd: can’t make something that lets luigi go to other floors without the buttons

  33. I didn’t even know you could catch him to be fair however I lived fighting Godzilla so I like my pick

  34. What if unlike all the other ghosts he’s stuck because he still has yet to make a masterpiece

  35. bro I didn’t even know u could capture him lmao, still wouldn’t of done it tho he’s to friendly

  36. I immediately captured him after filming the movie and my girlfriend screamed “THATS FUCKED UP” and I thought it was hilarious.

  37. I did because of the achievement but I felt awful about it. He helped Luigi and actually felt hopeful after giving him his megaphone back. And taking it away from him to be stuck in a capsule? God that's horrible.

  38. I chose to wait until he completed the movie before sucking him up.

    I imagine Morty would be at peace in the Gallery as long as he manages to finish his film.

  39. Morty didn’t do anything to luigi
    I just left him alone after getting the elevator button and I will feel bad catching him near the end of the game

  40. No positive or negative thing gained from sucking him, nor positive or negative thing gained from sparing him other than getting something nice

  41. I would capture him at the end because… I feel like that's what he would want. He is a movie director, he would lover to become a literal work of art.

  42. The only reason to capture Morty is to complete the collection and for an achievement. Once you done those, just let him be.

  43. To those who have played luigis mansion 3 tell me if you spared morty
    (There's more)

    Bc if u did ur a good person and I respect you

  44. 1:37 Luigi screams Noooooooooooo! when Godzilla destroys the town and let morty go he’s nice to Luigi calling him a star to his movie

  45. I would spare him too if I get the game I like him he's nice to Luigi and made a movie and he also gave a elevator button how sweet of him

  46. I spared him he's nice he appreciates luigi he made him a star he's funny and I cant wait for him to make the punch out little mac movie its shown as a movie banner

  47. i WOULDVE spared him, if it wasnt for my friend.

    so i was playing alone and beat this boss, and like a normal person, i let him be to complete his movie. i invited my friend over to play as gooigi, and i told him there was a friendly ghost on the director floor i wont catch because hes friendly. i then had to have dinner. i come back to find that he had caught morty, and then he called him a cunt.

  48. I accidently vaccumed him up and I was so sad as I loved this guy and I felt really bad but luckily my game didn't save so thank god for that.

  49. Mario never starred in a movie that's a plus for Luigi ,I wonder what Mario would think about the movie though?

  50. I captured him by accident. I was cecking the room with flashlight if there is a hidden green light or something and it stunned him, so I got scared that this was actually a fight so I sucked him in panic xD

  51. I'm almost done with the game and I had no clue you could catch him, I just didn't think it was an option, and I didn't want to try.

  52. Imagine Luigi's mansion but with a pacifist option for all the bosses, that would be amazing! Or at the very least, interesting.

  53. Poor Luigi, he too had to make this decision, but when he does, it won't always be happy…

    ……and also, for everyone too stay 😊, I suggest capturing Morty AFTER he makes his 🎥, so that way, his career would already be complete with the film he made.

  54. My painful history of being a completionist forced me into making a lot of choices I regret. From Paarthurnax in Skyrim to Morty in Luigi’s Mansion 3 i’m sorry to them all 😭

  55. When I get the game, I'm gonna let him make the movie and then I'll catch him, but then I'll say, Sorry Bro

  56. I kinda just assumed you had to get him. Now I feel like a monster…. Didn't even let him finish his movie….

  57. Well, at least he seems pretty chill in there. Kinda reminds me of madame clairvoya from the first game, the one ghost who didn't mind being captured

  58. I'd let him B after all he really enjoyed making the movie instead of trying to make Luigi his enemy

  59. Morti and lugi sitting in a tree, making a tree house to make a movie, they are best buds and give best hugs, and lugi and morti are best freinds forever.

  60. I accidentally caught him. I didn’t mean to and I couldn’t reverse it D: Poor Morty! I’m sorry Morty!

  61. SEGA Kaiju: Tailszilla vs Metal Madness
    Capcom Kaiju: Signas vs Colonel Redips
    Bandai Namco Kaiju: Giant Pac Man vs Betrayus
    Nintendo Kaiju: Luigi vs Any Mario Giant Monster

  62. I like how they chose to make the room turn COMPLETELY silent if you choose to capture him. It just let's you sit there and wallow.

  63. Personally if I were to capture my headcanon would be he is later released to ever shade valley to live in piece

  64. Personaly, l would've left Morty alone. He's the only one that couldn't care less about capturing Luigi except for making movies.

  65. Who spared him on their first run

    I also would expect him to be in the back round in the end cutscenes.
    I guess E Gadd captured him for Luigi and didn’t tell him

  66. I love Morty so freaking much. I yelled at my brother when he captured him before his movie was done 🙁

  67. I spared him he was an innocent boi who doesnt deserve to be killed unlike every other ghost in the mansion djfksndnskfns plus all he wants is to make his movie so might as well let him

  68. Morty reminds of Madame Clairvoya from the first game. They never wanted to harm Luigi in anyway. Instead, they were just doing their common hobbies that they usually did while they were alive and help Luigi progress in the game without any problem. And as seen here, both end up getting vacuumed at the end.

  69. What if at the end of the game if you spared him there would be a secret giant dinosaur ghost boss because of the movie being complete and it’s name was ghostzilla

  70. Of you capture Morty first but reset it to where you haven't captured him yet, can he still be in the museum or no?

  71. Morty is nice a person he’s just want his movie to. Be perfect even luigi is now even more famous

  72. Luigi: gets scared of a godzilla that doesn't look like godzilla
    Godzilla that doesn't look like godzilla: am I a joke to you?

  73. I caught him but after he finished his movie because i just wanted him to finish what made him happy

  74. I didn't care about Marty how nice he is,I just catch Marty cuz he is a ghost! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  75. Looking closely at luigi's animation, it's actually quite clear how luigi feels about capturing morty. There is no victory jingle, nor does he look very pleased about it.
    little details like that make a hit hurt much more than it should.

  76. I let him complete his movie but I still have to complete my ghost collection. Sorry Morty, you're going in the jar.

  77. Morty was the first instance in which Nintendo made you feel horrible for capturing ghosts. My sins will never be more pronounced than in Morty's unfinished film 🙁

  78. My sister caught him and I was so sad when I got to his floor and I couldn't bring myself to catch him because I wanted a full collection but he was just too nice for me to do that.

  79. Are you all blind?!? The dude made Luigi fight a fire breathing goast just to get his! I wish he had enough hp just so I could have ground pounded his A$$!

  80. I was actually kinda sad when I found out you could capture him… he didn't even try to hurt anyone, he's just trying to make his movie.

  81. Who is the real monster?
    -Someone who complete genocide run in undertale
    -Someone who capture Morty just for complete a collection.

  82. Morty is like the fortune teller in the first game. He’s a good guy and after his movie is complete I think he’s perfectly happy with being caught actually.

  83. When Luigi said depressed voice oh yeah I felt that But WHEN HE SAID IMA STAR ⭐️ I ALMOST HUGED MY PHONE 📱

  84. But either way he’s just sitting in that chair like that for eternity for all we know so……… get sucked my dude

  85. hes a nice ghost he just wants to make his dream come true and make it in the show business sucking him up is just plain mean

  86. I captured him and immediately felt bad….im sorry ok i thought i was supposed to do that and trigger another epic fight….instead i abused his 25hp soul