Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Single Player Gameplay Walkthrough @ E3 2016 Playstation 4 Sony Press Conference

The single player reveal shows off a space fighter assault on a larger enemy ship, quickly working through the ship, before blowing it the hell up and getting out of there.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out on November 4th for PS4, XBox one and PC.

Don’t forget you will get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered if you pre order infinite warfare.

E3 2016 Trailers:

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  1. Holy Fuck they actually used a whole new engine or updated it alot but this is what true next gen cod should look like. Proud of you infinity ward.

  2. i.. i mean im not into it, but it wont hurt to try it, at least theyre trying something new.

  3. I'm wondering what people would think of this game if it didn't have call of duty in the name i guarantee there would not be all this hate

    • I guarantee if it didn't have the call of duty name it would go by mostly unnoticed like Quake and Doom did. This game is only a thing because it's called "Call of Duty." It's lucky it gets to use the name, cause it's a sad successor to previous games

    • But the tactical ability to hop out and kill mofos and then get back in is a cool mechanic and can change the way everybody plays

    • +Luke De Young "change the way everyone plays" lol looks like battlefield dogfighting for 10 year olds😂 such a simplified and no skilled game. Doesn't even look any better than advanced warfare… I used to love call of duty… But this? This is sad. This doesn't deserve recognition.

  4. Dude… This is halo weapons, not CoD weapons. Rip Cod IW. Back to CSGO cyka blyat my friends.

  5. Hated the original trailer, hated Cod ever since Black Ops 1.
    Watched the E3 stream last night and was fucking blown away, thinking "No.. wait. This can't be Infinite Warfare?"

  6. This still doesn't impress me, it will still be garbage. And Battlefield 1 will be just amazing!

    • +Fat Weedington I play the shit out of Rainbow Six Siege and I get both BF and Cod each year. To be honest, I'm getting sick of this futuristic bs. I was ok with it but now it's just annoying me because I can't get the original Cod gameplay I always want. BF1 will be my shooter game of the year, aside from Titanfall 2

    • +MocBerg lol, how dumb are you ppl who keep writing this, english is not everyones first language you dumbass

    • +Fat Weedington I think someone who has a name like that and talks like that should know English pretty well

  7. Looks awesome, the only thing that bothers me is how the graphics haven't improved since advanced warfare, could this possibly be on ps3 and 360?

  8. It's funny how he's shooting a gun in outer space where there is no oxygen. Just another thing to shit on about this game I am not buying.

    • it's not funny that is illegal activision maybe mentally ill but it is not funny to make fun of the dead

  9. looks at title Oh shit, this is Infinite Warfare. I thought this was Halo or titanfall.

  10. See nothing but innovation and risks and a company still trying to please all of its fans while a bunch of people whine because they don't choose to favor a side. The ONLY legit criticism I can see towards this game is its futuristic focus but I wasn't personally bothered by it and I've been playing majority of series since Call Of Duty 3.

  11. alright what if. what if. cod knew that battlefield was making a World War game and they didn't want two games competing so they stalled it for next year. now here's what could happen. they'll show a past game next year and everyone will say "oh it's too late" or "they're copying battlefield now."

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