Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next fighter is Fire Emblem’s Byleth. Female & Male Byleth joins the likes of Joker from Persona 5, the hero from Dragon Quest XI, Banjo-Kazooie, and Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cuphead Reveal Trailer:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – All Newcomer Trailers – Including Byleth DLC (60 Fps)

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    • @Rezie they all have different hitboxes and matchups, different playstyles to match the hitboxes. then theres 3, now 4, in ike robin corrin and byleth that are original and unique.

    • @Josue Cabrera If all you say is that they have swords so there the same. Then to be fair that really only four of them. Marth, Lucina, Roy and Chrom. The rest of them do pretty different things. To say the ALL play the same just cause the use swords….. Would you put Shulk, The links and mii swords fighter in that same category?

  1. This character didn't get leaked at all? How they manage to keep this character a secret? Seriously no1 saw this coming even with Sakurai 3 fingers hint.

    • I knew he would come because there were no spirts in spirit board like there was for Pokémon sword and shield

    • So does this mean since Fire emblem is represented in spirits, that spirits don't disqualify a character?

    • @ztron369 And the thing is Dante wasn't even confirmed people got all hyped up over speculation and were expecting something that was never going to happen… can't say I feel sorry for them this is is why you hype responsibly and stop taking these fake leaks as gospel

    • because most people figured another fire emblem character might be pushing it a bit, but hey money talks. they got to make sales.

  2. Finally at least we got a Nintendo character. I prefer Nintendo character than 3rd party character any day of the week.

  3. "Rex was too late to be added" but ima go and force Byleth in Smash, but just like what princeofddr said, yeah I guess we do got 5 more characters to go, so lets not be too mad.

  4. Was expecting something huge for the final fighter of the pass. Honestly they should have kept Banjo for last.

  5. Byleth is a terrible representation of fire emblem three houses, they should have added someone else from its game.

  6. I mean i'm cool with the new addition, it looks kinda cool
    But lets be honest there were a lot more characters to choose instead of another fire emblem character

  7. Wait I thought first pack was 3rd parties only. I don’t know much bout fire emblem but isn’t it Nintendo?

    • Jake Maayan No, that was never the case. It just happened to be mostly 3rd parties. And yeah FE is Nintendo but that still leaves 80% of the fighter pack 3rd party which is pretty cool.

  8. Its funny how people say too many fire emblem characters,but they ask for waluigi ,arent there too many mario characters as well🤔

    • Most of the mario characters are unique and different and have their own franchises or games.

      Mario- Mario franchise
      Luigi- Luigi's Mansion/several spinoffs
      Yoshi- Yoshi series
      Donkey Kong- Donkey Kong
      Wario- Wario Ware/Wario Land
      Peach- Super Princess Peach

      Hell even Toad broke free into his own series. (But he ain't in Smash…)

    • As someone else stated, Waluigi was mostly a meme.
      Even then, the Mario franchise is actually a series that lots of people recognize, and they're all distinguishable unlike the anime protags of FE.

    • The mario characters: all come from a lot of different mario games

      FE characters: literally comes from 2/3 games (I think)

    • DapimpBDSD Kirby has the power to swallow worlds. Bayonetta is just herself. People said Snake was too violent back when he was introduced. Ridley is a dinosaur with poison. Then there’s the soulless Isabelle.

    • @Sinnamon Roll I think you misunderstood me, I'm not saying he would beat everyone in smash, just that his gimmicks are to violent for smash. He literally rips demons apart. What's his final smash gonna be? Shooting his opponent a bunch, maybe with the BFG? Too tame for Doomslayer. He would be better in MK11.

    • Ikr? I want someone who brings a unique playstyle to the table. A new dude who could be a midrange gunner with capabilities to go in and do devastating damage would be awesome. And the ultimate? Start with a beatdown with berserker mode then finish off with a shot of the BFG. Instead, new fire Emblem character

  9. I want Steve for the next pack. I mean all the requirements are already laid down by him.

    Except of course being a Fire Emblem character.

    • @Erik M. but I think Steve made a larger impact than Sans and Cuphead in the last decade. I think same impact as Mario, and other characters in Smash.

      But hey I'd still be fuckin hyped if Steve is a Mii Fighter, but which mii fighter?

  10. Imagine the controversy if Byleth was female at start and then turned into a male when asked how she plan to win.

  11. To all those bitching byleth is pretty cool and looks powerful I love him and probably will main him as to I already main lucina I think it’s a epic character 10/10 good night Sakurai ignore the haters you did a good job and I plan on buying threee houses now Becuase of this character.

  12. Lol i remember this meme song about DLC fighters
    "Dont worry about the DLC, they're totally not characters from FE"

  13. I even said when I got three houses, "I wish Byleth was in smash. That'd be cool"

  14. I wish I hadn't bought the fighters pass, I will not make the same mistake. Thanks Sak.

    I hope everyone is smart enough to tell every leaker to FO!

  15. Crash, rayman, shadow, knuckles, etc. so many other characters to choose from and we get ANOTHER FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTER. forget it I’m smashed out

  16. "Join smash brothers already! What in the world are you waiting for?"

    Yeah because all your friends are doing it..

  17. I’m not gonna lie, I was annoyed at first. That said, their moveset looks really interesting with the multiple weapons. And that new version of the Fire Emblem theme sounded so good. AND CUPHEAD.

    Never really played too much Fire Emblem(maybe like an hour of Sacred Stones back in the day) but it’s been really cool seeing it thrive since Awakening.

  18. We need ray man , ori , master chief, doom slayer, or a pokemon trainer with 3 new characters.

  19. I'm not mad. I just them to want a character I know and who doesn't look and play exactly like the 15 other sword fighters

    • Kaapo Pyökäri he doesn’t, he has a chain whip that acts like joker’s grappling hook. He has an axe, bow, and a lance.

    • Any Sword fighters joins the Smash Will always have Similar Moves to other Sword fighters? When they can't come up with there own Moves they Borrow others You Know What I Call That…. Copying.

    • @Gaming Time So you think that's not Copying You wanna know how you Tweaking for Example A Bow Link had that Move, A Axe Richter had that too and The Chain Whip the other dude like Richter with the same moves Had That First! That's 3 things they copying? they can't come up with they own Moves So these Fire Emblem Characters rather Steal others People Shit.

    • @Jamal 1 An axe like Richter has… Excuse me? Richter doesn't even hold the axe. He throws it. You're reaching.

  20. Where everyone thought Dante from DMC would be the 5th character but instead it’s another fire emblem character. But I do hope that next dlc it will be someone different that we can all be happy about and accept the way it is.

  21. OK this is interesting but can we please get a character from a franchise other than fire emblem with the upcoming DLC next time.

  22. I actually care less who is the new fighter, I am not mad nor excited, just happy that the character looks pretty good.
    But the trailer was bad, I'm sorry. Even Banjo's trailer that was a copy of King K Rool's, but this one is boring, that green haired girl made me hate the trailer

  23. yes. i knew Byleth from fire emblem would be in smash. Although i would have preferred Ruby Rose from RWBY but that's a anime/cartoon and not a video game.

  24. Another fire emblem character………..
    And you turn a male character into a female?

    What about characters people ACTUALLY WANT
    Like Waluigi,Shadow,Dante,Ray Man,Crash Bandicoot, Steve,Skull Kid,Maxwell,Gumby, Goku, Sans

    And Dont Turn A SINGLE ONE into a costume
    We need these guys as fighters
    Like if you agree!

  25. Now I like Byleth and all but I would've preferred Sothis or one of them stand users from Tokyo Mirage Sessions if they were gonna use another FE character. But rejoice in the fact that he's not the FINAL DLC character for this awesome game. So don't be mad like hoes tend to be. Be ready to settle this shit IN SMASH until the next DLC pack comes out and a character we like makes it into that one ( cough DEMIFIEND cough )

    • @Konan Gauld Hell yeah. Could have had unique fighters like Doomguy, Rayman, hell I would have been happy with just a real Cuphead if it came down to it. But another Fire Emblem characyer?

  26. This isn’t what anyone wanted,We all wanted an actual known fighter we didn’t want another swords person,No ones gonna buy this!

  27. This not bad at all I play it when this joins in smash I always like to get Corrin as my main like cloud too😀

  28. another fire emblem character another anime swordsmen even if they call it out its still just another anime swords men so boring

  29. This is the least hype I have ever been for any DLC character, why fire emblem. They add so many characters from that game

  30. What a waste of time thanks allot pretendo, give us another boring fire emblem character no one wants, we already have to many of them from your least popular franchise, what a missed opportunity doom slayer geno crash dante, all what everyone was hoping for, but no the lapdog had to put in there last bit of advertising for a stupid game no one wants, good dog now go back to your cage, I'm not wasting my money on the next dlc pack if I'm going to get another fire emblem character, I'm done not buying the next dlc pack.

    • geno is irrelevant and hasnt appeared in any game besides a smash constume for over a decade, and doom slayer has no personality from what i know

  31. I'm fine with this character even though I don't play FE, but they should've shown this one before Terry or the other characters. I thought they are saving the best for last or something. Cool weapons though.

    Let's wait for the next set of dlc fighters. I'm hoping for Dante, Sora or even Goku. Lol

    • In 99% of times people say this, your sample size is too small (or unrepresentative/biased) to have any meaning whatsoever. FE is one of Nintendo's biggest franchises. Marth was iconic, and Roy was used for advertisement. PoR sold well for GC, and Awakening and Fates were huge. Considering how many games there are in the series and how popular it is (esp in Japan), and how many of them are (semi-)clones/echoes, it's not really a surprise.

    • @Good Bagel Yeah, cant wait for the bullshit speed, attack power, and all around forgiveability of every single move all Fire Emblem characters have. At least Robin and Corrin were unique

    • Now now, let's be fair to Bagel Boi, cause Byleth does have multiple weapons in their moveset. I'm just upset it was a Fire Emblem character in the first place. Could've totally been revealed much later.

    • Aside from the Jabs that uses the sword, the direccionals define that from how I saw, both for Attacks and Specials:
      Up= Sword
      Neutral= Bow
      Side (Forward and Back air too) Lance
      Down= Axe

  32. The more people complain the more they show up. So shut up. And stop drawing attention to the fact that it bothers you So Sakurai and his all seeing eyes stop trolling

  33. Im done woth ssbu . I wouldnt mind dante . And i rlly wanted sora . But now this irrelivant character joins smash

  34. Of course everyone complaining about that it is another fire emblem character, but did everyone forget how many Pokemons there are in the game? Oh and also the Mario characters like bruh

    • Sorry to hear :/ i didnt buy. The fighters pass and only bought Banjo and Kazooie lol
      I personally hate the dlc and now I have a bad taste for Water Insignia: Bum Houses

  35. Kinda disappointed not gonna lie. The only person that I really was excited for was banjo but other than that not one of my characters has made it into the roster 😢

  36. Can we stop with the fire emblem characters? We already have enough of those already, I was hoping for at least a completely new game, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

    • @Jamal 1 there are over 60 characters we have the room for fire emblem characters they aren't bad

    • When you said sword fighters. The first one that came to mind was Sora. Yes he has magic spells but he still is a sword fighter

    • @Nohrian princess Dorothy But you got to Understand That all these other Spots can be used for Different Characters Like Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Sora, Goku and So On And there still too many FE Fighters and I think the next List of more DLC is the Last.

    • @Jamal 1 true but we still have some spots left so we could get some cool characters but I'm pretty sure we aren't gonna get goku

  37. Unexpected, but in the most disappointing way possible. Really enjoyed how much series representation we'd gotten with the previous dlc fighters.

  38. WOW! Another FE character. Just what everyone wanted! It’s not like they’re are hundreds of more unique and interesting characters with potentially fun and more unique move sets. Yes, let’s just add more generic FE swordsman, but give him a couple more weapons!

  39. Yes when the students wonder if Byleth will be seen again, Sothis throws a f#cking invitation, also Byleth:Hey guys I'm taking your Adrethbar, Aymr, and Failnaught

  40. I'm a little upset with this choice only because this fighter was supposed to be a 3rd party character, but nah another fire emblem character

  41. Well, to their credit they made Byleth have a unique moveset. And more fighters coming so I can't be too annoyed.

  42. I was hoping for Doom Slayer since Doom Eternal is coming out soon but instead I got another F**King Fire Emblem Character.

    I think the entire FE franchise at this point is riding off of Smash bros.

    At least we got Banjo Kazooie.

  43. I would've wanted one of the three house leaders to, y'know, not have so many swordsmen.
    But I guess just giving Byleth all the weapons works too.

    Edit: So, if it isn't Dante, what that DMC news meant for today then?

  44. I'm indifferent of the choice, but damn i love me some salt from the smash boneheads. 😅👏.
    Now for the next pack, where's my Qbert? Valkryie for pete sake.

  45. Y’all out here acting like this the same character as Marth and the move set isn’t completely different lmao

  46. Corrin got in as DLC in the last game. Byleth was going to show up eventually.
    (Personally, I'm HYPED, but the comments… Not so much.)

  47. Ahahaha I told y’all on another video that it was gonna be another fire emblem character! But I was joking! 😂. What a let down!

  48. What a joke! Terry and Joker were great because of their characters, Piranha Plant was awesome, Hero was… meh. This is just… awful… another Fire Emblem character, COME ON!

    • Nobody believed me as well when I told them I want a 3 Houses Prota in Smash. Well look who's laughing now. 🤣

  49. Eh… Kinda down on the Fire Emblem swordsters…

    But hey, at least there's more DLC characters on the way. Still have hope for Master Chief

    • No theres no hope of Mastwr Chief after this..
      I just picture a slightly disappointed Dante turning his back and slowly walking back to hell

  50. I know I don't mind Byleth… But deep down I was wishing for Hector or Ephraim. Bringing in a pure Axeman or pure Spearman. Oh well.

  51. Sakuri: let's add a new character people actually want in this game

    Nintendo: No, how about another fire emblem character and because we all know the fans love it, also make it a sword fighter as well.

  52. 1:14 How Does Sothis knows about Smash?! Does she knows about Palutena? Or She knows Galeem and Dharkon and she’s on Neutral Grounds with them?!

  53. I like how they lied to us saying that they’re not going to give us characters who already have their franchise represented in the game already… damn they honestly blew their chances for an actual new franchise to appear in smash… what a shame. Unless they’ll continue 3rd party characters for next dlc, but I doubt that. I think it’s only going to be Nintendo Characters.


    Smash Bros: "New Fire Emblem character"

    Me: …

  55. I had a really bad dream last night about the fortnite guy being in smash bros but when I woke up and saw this I wanted the dream to be true

  56. Lemme help you out here Sakurai.
    You're a video game creator with millions of fans who expect you to give them characters that they WANT to play as. To create quality characters, you need a team of ingenious animators and programmers, which you have. You also have an enormous plethora of Western "non-sword-weilding" "non-Fire Emblem" characters to pick from like Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, and Shantae that everyone knows and loves.

    Are we starting to connect the dots?

    • also plenty of non sword wielding fire emblem characters that could have been picked. And still, fire emblem is really popular in japan, and somewhat popular in the west as well

  57. You brought disappointment to everyone that loves this Game Sakurai! Shame on you Sakurai, for Shame!!!

  58. Great, yet another sword fighting fire emblem character, just what we needed. And he’s got links bow. How unique.

  59. I remember hearing all the character were going to be from titals that were never in smash… welp i give up on smash.

  60. Honestly I know so many people are going to be mad about another fire emblem character but am just happy e have best teach in smash now

  61. Like with sans. Cuphead took the presentation from me. Also… another fire emblem swordie? Really? Can it be purely the other weapons?

  62. I was expecting at least one fire emblem DLC character here, and while disappointed like most people, I won't lie saying this was still an entertaining trailer, and like all the other dlc characters, the move set looks kinda interesting and fun to mess about with.

  63. Me: OMG, OMG!! Finally were getting another character for the fifth DLC!

    Sees other Fire Emblem: Byleth

    Also me: leaves video

  64. Literally half of the new dlc's are characters only japan knows about or characters people didnt ask for. Banjo, and Piranha plant were characters i was thinking they would do

  65. earthbound characters: 2
    cuphead characters: 1
    undertale characters: 1
    fire emblem characters: 8

    do you see the problem?

    • almost as if Fire Emblem is a big franchise or something. And this Fe character isnt just a normal sword boy. He has a lance, a bow, and an axe, with a whip chain sword. Fire emblem is a pretty big franchise and is really popular in japan

    • People complain about the amount of FE chars there are but then forget how many Mario and Pokemon chars we have. Fire Emblem is one of Nintendos biggest franchises right alongside those others 3 Houses main Protag deserved this spot.

    • Athul Sekar i never said he was a normal sword boy, and i love fire emblem, i just want diversity in smash

  66. Female Byleth looks so adorable here! I’m so excited for this. Also Sothis saying join smash is surreal.

  67. Cmon look at this, this was obviously a last Second decision made by nintendo to advertise 3 houses :/. It just looks super fanmade, unfinished, and rushed.

  68. Sothis: "I see, too many swordsman are there? And you wield a sword as well? What will you do?"

    Byleth: Turns Into A Swordswoman

    Sothis: "Huh, so that is how you plan to win the day? So be it… I'll reward your cleverness this time."

  69. Join smash what are you waiting for?

    Shadow the hedgehog
    Crash badicoot

    Wtf we been waiting for decades already

  70. Waluigi: sees a smash bros invite gasps I gotta get that!
    Waluigi: almost grabs it
    Byleth: whoosh
    Waluigi: DANG IT

  71. This would’ve been received better if they never added Corrin and 3 awakening characters. I’m still hyped regardless of how salty the community is.

  72. Who should we add to smash?
    Ooh! How about another fire emblem character!
    Oh yeah great idea!
    But tbh byleth does look kinda cool.

  73. I'm gonna be dead real.
    I didn't click this for the character.
    I didn't even click for reactions (if any)
    I'm here to read the glorious salt that plagues the comments… it's… it's magical

  74. Out if ALLLLLLLLL the indie games we got, like Hollow Knight, Celeste, etc that scored so amazingly…


  75. Me: let's see who it is

    (Sees thumbnail)

    Me: no… No. Not again wtf FE! It should of been dante

    (Shows gameplay)

    Me: at least its different, that's ok.

    (Shows X and EXE costumes)

    Me: AAAAHHH!!!!!

  76. This is awesome. I'll be playing as the female Byleth often, I will also play as the male Byleth as well. 🙂

  77. Alright, going into a coma now.

    Wake me up if they added in Crash, the puppet guy from SMRPG, Master Chief, or Heavy Weapons Guy into the smash series.


  79. If Smash was property of square enix, it would be a lot of final fantasy character, and Sora included

  80. You’re a blue haired swordsman, You’re a blue haired swordsman, you’re a blue swordsman, IM a blue haired swordsman!!! Are there any other blue haired swordsman I should know about?!
    Byleth: Meow.

  81. Me: I can’t wait to see the next DLC-
    Me: well at least there’s one more to revea-

    Son of a fire emblem

  82. Characters I'd be thrilled with in fighters pass 2: Sora, Sephiroth, Oliver (Ni No Kuni)

    CHaracters I'd be happy with: Dragoborn, Geralt, Yuri (Tales of Vesperia)

    Characters I'd be fine with: Crash, Spyro, Dante

    Characters that would make me rage: Anyone from an FPS, Steve.

  83. Honestly this was a very big disappointment for me. There are much better choices out there but hey, I can’t control Nintendo.


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