Bomberman Vs. All Bosses in Super Smash Bros Ultimate + Ending | (Bomb Only Challenge)

Playing as Bomberman vs. All Bosses in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. Bomberman is a playable fighter in Smash Bros Ultimate as a Mii Fighter costume. This amazing costume comes from Super Bomberman R. Unlike Assist Trophy Bomberman, this one is for fighters who like to get up close and personal. His colour is determined by the colour of the Mii used. Pick whatever suits your fancy!

This mii costume is part of the game’s 9.0 update and is the seventh wave of Mii Fighter outfits is the second round of costumes for Fighters Pass Vol. 2, and features costumes from Minecraft, Bomberman, and No More Heroes, as well as the returning Gil costume from Smash 4.

How to Unlock Bomberman:
1) Players will need to head to the Nintendo eShop and search for bomberman. This should bring up the results that you’re looking for.

Bomberman Vs. All Bosses timestamps:
0:10 Marx
1:18 Galleom
2:11 Dracula
2:46 Dracula final form
3:34 Giga Bowser
4:46 Rathalos
6:21 Ganon
7:41 Galeem
9:13 Dharkon
11:19 Galeem & Dharkon
14:23 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending

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147 thoughts on “Bomberman Vs. All Bosses in Super Smash Bros Ultimate + Ending | (Bomb Only Challenge)”

    • I wouldn't say they should make Steve the costume and Bomberman the fighter. But he definitely deserved to be in smash. And while I'm disappointed it isn't as a fighter, I'm glad he isn't just an assist trophy.

    • To look at it positively though, Bomberman paved the road for him – the most common argument of Assist Trophy upgrade unbelievers was "it would get confusing if you could both play as an Assist Trophy character and summon them", which doesn't work anymore since Bomberman looks just like the actual character

      It's not yet confirmed Waluigi can get in as a Fighter, but there is now less reason for this to be impossible. Plus, at least he can get a Mii costume (currently he only has a Mii hat) if nothing else

    • @Google Plus is gone I think that idea could be changed easily tbh. Either disable the assist trophy when the character is being used or it could still be there. Just put an outline or glow on the assist that's a similar color to the person's ui who summoned them. I mean chrom is both a fighter and part of a final smash so why not.

  1. this confirms Bomberman won't ever be playable in smash bros ultimate, I guess that's fine since bomb moves is the only thing he can do anyway

    • He can do other things besides bombs. He has a jetpack which could be used as an up b and he also has the different transformations from bomberman 64. Not only that but Louies could also be implemented in some way. While he mainly uses bombs he also has different types and they could implement the different powerups from the bomberman games. Saying he only uses bombs is selling him short

    • He can do lots of things with different bomb types and items. Elemental bombs with special abilities (64:TSA through Jetters), Remote detonation just like the assist trophy, bombs that can split into multiple just by throwing, kicking, or even punching, create a line of bombs (Line Bomb), charge up bombs into Dangerous Bombs (64 through Generation), hurl Missiles (DS2), make immobile bombs (DS2), and even make spiky bombs that can pierce walls and some armors. It's not just bombs either. seeing through blocks and walls with glasses, kick, sprint faster for a short time, he can push things with yoyos (Quest), stun with hammers (Quest) and tasers (DS2), etc.

      Saying that he can only use bombs is somewhat redundant. I'm sure it's possible to make a moveset with stuff like what I mentioned. After all, he did fight Solid Snake and Optimus prime in a fighting game similar to Smash.👍

  2. Bomber man didnt catch these hands. (Not because he doesnt have fingers) because he didnt fight the master and crazy

    • Miis have seen a reinassance this lately.
      I predict in the future Smash Nintendo will understand their potential and enhance them, so they can be used to exploit more and more character whenever they can't put them in the game as fighters.

    • if it's "just a costume" i'd like to see u explain the floaiting limbs of the pig and creeper (there's no potion of invisiblility aura around them)

    • Eh it depends on which pause description you look at In KSA. He might've reformed but he also might not have. In the English pause description it says that "He'll be your buddy if you keep him well fed" As for the Japanese pause description, I'm pretty sure it says he teamed up with kirby because void termina is also a threat to him, but don't quote me on that. I'm not completely sure.

  3. I like that he's a Mii brawler costume but why is it that his color turns to red when a fighter dies before his turn in the final battle?

  4. We live in a timeline where Steve, Sans, Bomberman and Cuphead fight each other in final destination while Megalovania starts playing in the background in a oficial licensed Nintendo game.


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