ATTACK On TITAN Season 2 All Cutscenes (Game) | Eren Vs. Armored Titan & Beast/Ape Titan

The story continues into season 2 of attack on titan.

These are the cutscenes from Attack On Titan season 2 story mode (PS4). Timestamps are below.

This video only includes all of the ATTACK On TITAN season 2 cutscenes along with important in-game dialogue scenes.

0:00 Season 2 Epilogue A Foreign Vistor
1:12 Ape Titan / Beast titian makes its debut
2:05 Attack On Titan: Beast/Ape Titan vs Eren [Boss Battle – Secret Mission
3:33 5 years since Wall Maria Wall Maria destroyed
5:01 Levi Trains Eren
6:03 Potatoe Girl
8:04 Everyone loves Christa
12:20 Ape Titan vs Eren (Full Boss Fight)
18:34 Ape Titan vs Levi (Full Boss Fight)
21:24 Armored Titan + Ape Titan vs Levi (Full Boss Fight)
23:11 Armored Titan + Colossal Titan Final Boss Battle
28:58 “ATTACK On TITAN Season 2 Ending”
30:40 Ending Credits

All I did was remove the gameplay scenes from ATTACK On TITAN story walkthrough footage and compile all of the cinematic cutscenes & secret endings scenes into 1 video instead of multiple parts.

Season 1 all episodes link:

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