All Unique Special Quotes / Interactions in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (All Characters)

In the character selection screen, you’re able to hear a unique quote from each of the character as long as you choose the right partner for them so in this short video we will see how many unique special quotes we can get in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity character roster screen.

All Characters’ Interactions Timestamp:
0:00 Link
2:29 Impa
2:56 Zelda
3:31 Mipha
3:58 Daruk
4:24 Revali
4:44 Urbosa
5:18 Hestu
5:38 Sidon
6:04 Yunobo
6:28 Teba
6:58 Riju
7:28 Maste Kohga
7:41 King Rhoam
8:16 Great Fairies
9:00 Monk Maz Koshia
9:39 Terrako (Only Interacts with Zelda)
9:43 Calamity Ganon (No special quotes)

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity unique videos:

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172 thoughts on “All Unique Special Quotes / Interactions in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (All Characters)”

    • Dataminers found an audioclip that's Kohga, Zelda, and some others yelling "Sooga! Astor! Purah! Robbie!" And they also found Purah yelling "Princess Zelda!" So most certainly DLC characters.

    • @Bede, Marnie, Hop Studios Astor will probably get a prequel storyline to the present similar to Cia's Story. I dream for the day when I can play Astor and Calamity Ganon… then go kill Astor and Calamity Ganon. XD

    • I've been muting the sound effects and bgm audio and turning the voice audio all the way up to get what he says and I think I have it.

      "You are needed, Your Majesty"

  1. I’m so glad they gave links voice actor so many different Hmphs to work with. You can really tell the difference between hmph and hmph 👌

  2. Kohga's the funniest one.

    (To Urbosa) "Um, teamwork."

    (To Riju) "You'd better not slow me down."

    Terrako: beep noises

    Master Kohga: "For Calamity Ga- Oh no wait."

    • You would think that, but when you switch to him as Impa, she says “Monk!” whereas everybody else except for King Rhoam respectfully calls him “Master Monk.”

  3. still, i dont know what Maz Koshia saying to Link XD. i just heard like.. ".(?)..your Majesty" to king rhoam, "for the future hyrule" to all champions, "fear not, princess" to zelda

  4. each great fairies have their own quotes when selecting link, it's not the same with the other male characters though

  5. The King in BotW: Stop messing around and focus!
    The King in AoC: Don't push yourself too hard, Zelda. Also you're my pride and joy and I love you. 🙂

    • I like that it's because they were able to reconcile, unlike in botw where the king died before being able to apologize 🙁

    • @Juan P That scene on The Great Plateau is one of the reasons why I love this game's story and I refuse to listen to anyone who tells me it's bad "mmmbecuz tyme trabul"

  6. Teba be like"you're not afraid are you Link?"
    Dude, the kid literally did the task that took you a lifetime in about 10 minutes

  7. I like how you can barely even hear what Maz Koshia is saying through the extreme filtered sound effects.

  8. “Do not overtax yourself” well, Zelda’s royalty, so she would most likely be the one using the tax dollars, not paying them, you know, like most modern politicians

  9. It looks like most of the characters have team-up lines for characters they might canonically know, or know of, in Breath of the Wild canon (rather than Age of Calamity canon in which they've apparently all been in a room together). So the champions and descendants have quotes for the other characters from their time period, as well as the other representative of their race (I'm counting people the Champions might have watched as ghosts), the same goes for Impa and King Rhoam (and Zelda because the descendants didn't really even know she's alive), and everyone has a line for Link because he's the only one who has interacted with all of them.

  10. Maz Koshia SayingsTo Link: Show your strength, chosen one.To Zelda: Fear not, Princess.To Champions: For the future of HyruleTo Rhoam: You are (Lucky), Your Majesty.

  11. Okay, but, seriously, Link actually has a different hmph for each character. Man, I hope Kengo Takanashi (his voice actor in this game) gets payed well.

  12. Has anyone else tried to decode whatever Maz Koshia's really saying? So far, I've been able to pick out a "Your Majesty" in his quotes to king rhoam

  13. Maz koshia:(To Link): "Show your strength, chosen one"(To Zelda): "Fear not, Princess"(To Mipha): "For the future of Hyrule"(To Urbosa): "For the future of Hyrule"(To Daruk): "For the future of Hyrule"(To Revali): "For the future of Hyrule"(To King Rhoam): "You are welcome your majesty"

  14. i like the hyrule warriors reference were the great fairies say that she will keep link safe and in hyrule warriors she puts link inside the bottle to keep him safe.


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